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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 5101:9-7-10 | Title XX social services block grant (SSBG) quarterly reporting.

This is an Internal Management (IM) rule governing the day-to-day staff procedures and operations within an agency.

(A) In accordance with Chapter 5101:2-25 of the Administrative Code, ODJFS issues federal and state social services funding to county department of job and family services (CDJFS) to assist in the delivery of social services directed toward the needs of children and adults.

(B) Pursuant to 45 C.F.R. part 96, states are required to report services provided by the CDJFS, using federal, state or local social services funds. The CDJFS may provide services through compact services, direct services, purchased services or grant agreements as defined in rule 5101:2-25-02 of the Administrative Code. The purpose of the SSBG quarterly summary reporting system is to collect social services expenditure data by county each quarter in order to complete annual federal reporting as mandated in 42 U.S.C. 1397e.

(C) Each CDJFS shall enter required service and expenditure data in the SSBG reporting system no later than the thirtieth day of the month following the last month of the quarter; e.g., October thirtieth for the July through September time period. The CDJFS shall submit a Title XX SSBG quarterly report even if SSBG direct services were not provided or purchased service expenditures were not made during the quarter.

Non-compliance with ODJFS reporting requirements may result in a delay of a county's draw request.

(D) SSBG quarterly reporting includes information from the following social services allocations:

(1) Title XX federal social services as described in rule 5101:9-6-12 of the Administrative Code;

(2) Title XX temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) transfer as described in rule 5101:9-6-12.1 of the Administrative Code;

(3) Adult protective services (APS) as described in rule 5101:9-6-14 of the Administrative Code.

(4) Social services operating (SSO) as described in rule 5101:9-6-10 of the Administrative Code; and

(5) Adult services and family services training as described in rule 5101:9-6-14.1 of the Administrative Code.

(E) Each CDJFS shall report the following information each quarter for any eligible Title XX service defined in 45 C.F.R. part 96, appendix A and the county's Title XX profile:

(1) The number of individuals who received services in whole or in part with social services funds showing separately the number of children and the number of adults who received such services;

(2) The total amount of social services funding spent in providing each service. The CDJFS shall report expenditure amounts for services provided by purchased services or agreements and by CDJFS staff as reported in the county finance and information system (CFIS) for the corresponding time period;

(a) The CDJFS shall report information for services provided through purchased service contracts or agreements in the quarter in which the CDJFS determines the services were paid.

(b) The CDJFS shall not report expenditures without any service counts on the Title XX social services quarterly reporting. However, the CDJFS can report data with no expenditures during the reporting period.

(c) The CDJFS shall report non-allocated costs as it relates to Title XX social services reporting. These are costs that are generated by the public children services agency (PCSA) paid for with Title XX and/or Title XX transfer funding. The "Certification of Funds" (CR512) is the report found in CFIS where counties capture the non-allocated expenditure information. The "4281 Report" (CR511) is the report found in CFIS where counties capture the eligibility ratio data used to determine the non-allocated data information.

(d) The CDJFS shall report information for services provided by the CDJFS staff in the quarter that the services were provided; and

(3) Whether the services were provided by public agencies, private agencies or both.

(a) "Public service" is defined as a service provided by any state, or local government; any department, agency special purpose district, workforce investment board or other instrumentality of a state or local government.

(b) "Private service" is defined as a service provided through a written contract between the local CDJFS and private non-profit agencies, private proprietary agencies or individual contractors.

(F) The CDJFS shall make any allowable adjustments and/or revisions that arise after quarterly reporting has been suspended in the first month of the following quarter.

Last updated August 29, 2022 at 8:32 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 5101.02
Amplifies: 5101.02
Five Year Review Date:
Prior Effective Dates: 8/1/2017