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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 5120:1-12-05 | Sanitation and environmental conditions.


(A) All areas of a twelve-hour facility shall be safe and sanitary, including the food service and laundry areas. Staff and prisoners shall have specific housekeeping responsibilities, which shall include, but are not limited to:

(1) Daily cleaning of toilets, urinals, sinks, and drinking facilities in areas occupied by prisoners;

(2) Weekly sanitation inspections;

(3) Regular maintenance and repairs.

(B) All grounds, walkways, driveways and parking areas shall be illuminated at night.

(C) The facility shall be inspected annually by local or state health authorities and a written report shall be provided. There shall be a written plan to correct jail-related deficiencies.

(D) The facility shall be inspected once a month for insects, vermin and rodents. Treatment shall be provided as needed by a licensed exterminator. The jail shall maintain documentation of the inspections and any necessary extermination treatments.

(E) The facility shall maintain documentation that the interior lighting is at least fifteen foot-candles, measured thirty inches above the floor, in prisoner accessible areas.

(F) Supply and equipment storage areas shall be clean and orderly.

(G) The facility shall be inspected annually by a certified local or state fire safety inspector applying the applicable jurisdictional and Ohio Fire Code. The jail shall have a written plan to correct any jail-related deficiencies. The jail shall maintain documentation of the inspections and any corrective measures taken.

(H) The facility shall have a written fire safety plan approved by local fire officials, and that is reviewed annually and updated as needed. The plan shall include fire prevention, training and drills, fire response and post-fire documentation and review. A current copy of the plan shall be maintained at the local fire department.

(1) Training in jail fire safety equipment shall be conducted annually.

(2) Fire drills shall be conducted every three months on each shift so that twelve drills are conducted annually.

(I) Jail facility exits shall be clear and evacuation routes shall be posted or clearly marked throughout the facility.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 5120.01, 5120.10
Amplifies: 5120.10
Five Year Review Date: 7/7/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 1/2/1981, 1/1/1983, 6/1/1991, 7/1/1994, 9/21/1998