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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 5122-29-03 | General services.


(A) "General services" are the assessment activities, medical activities, and counseling and therapy activities as defined in this rule.

(B) The general services shall be provided by the professional credentials listed in appendix A of this rule within the scope of practice of those credentialed professionals.

(C) Assessment activities:

(1) An assessment:

(a) Is a clinical evaluation of a person which is:

(i) Individualized; and,

(ii) Age, gender, and culturally appropriate.

(b) Determines diagnosis, treatment needs, and establishes a treatment plan to address the persons mental illness or substance use disorder.

(2) When the assessment is to be provided to a client it should started prior to the initiation of other services, except for emergency situations.

(3) An initial assessment must, at a minimum, include an evaluation of:

(a) The presenting problem;

(b) The risk of harm to self and others;

(c) The use of alcohol or drugs;

(d) The treatment history for mental illness or substance use/abuse; and,

(e) A medical history and examination (mental status or physical).

(4) A comprehensive assessment shall expand on the initial assessment and obtain additional information that is required to establish and implement a comprehensive treatment plan, and must be completed within thirty days of the initial assessment encounter.

(5) A person is not required to have an initial assessment prior to receiving a comprehensive assessment.

(6) Initial and comprehensive assessments shall be completed according to prevailing standards of care as defined by:

(a) "The Joint Commission";

(b) "The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities";

(c) "The Council on Accreditation"; or,

(d) Other entities as designated by the director.

(7) Providers may accept initial or comprehensive assessments from other providers as long as they have been completed within the preceding twelve months. Prior assessments shall be reviewed and updated.

(D) Counseling and therapy

(1) Counseling and therapy is an interaction with a person or persons where the focus is on achieving treatment objectives related to alcohol and other substances; or the persons mental illness or emotional disturbance.

(2) Counseling and therapy involves a face-to-face encounter between a client, group of clients, client and family members, or family members and a behavioral health professional.

(3) Group counseling and therapy encounters may not exceed a one-to-twelve behavioral health professional to patient ratio.

(E) Medical activities.

(1) "Medical activities" are those activities that are performed within professional scope of practice by staff that are licensed or certified by the state medical board of Ohio. the state of Ohio board of nursing, or a pharmacist licensed by the state of Ohio board of pharmacy; and are intended to address the behavioral and other physical health needs of clients receiving treatment for psychiatric symptoms or substance use disorders.

(2) Medical activities include, but are not limited to:

(a) Performing health care screenings, assessments, and exams;

(b) Checking vital signs;

(c) Ordering laboratory tests and reviewing the results; and,

(d) Medication prescribing, administering, and monitoring.

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Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 5119.36
Amplifies: 5119.36
Five Year Review Date: 6/30/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 1/22/1979, 1/1/1991, 4/18/1991, 7/1/1991, 10/1/1993, 7/1/2001, 7/15/2001, 3/25/2004, 6/13/2004, 11/17/2005, 12/15/2005, 7/1/2006, 7/2/2007, 8/23/2007, 12/13/2007, 7/1/2008, 7/1/2009, 10/4/2010, 2/22/2011 (Emer.), 5/19/2011, 7/1/2012