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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 5501:2-1-03 | Permit application procedure.


(A) A written or on-line application must be submitted for all permits. The permit application shall be in the form prescribed by the director.

(B) For the purpose of understanding the normal and expected damage caused by continuing permits on the maintenance of the state highway system, the director shall request a permit applicant to disclose the information set forth in paragraph (C) of this rule. The director shall strive to require the minimum amount of information necessary to administer this rule so that it would impose the least burden and cost to the permit applicant.

(C) The applicant shall provide an accurate and complete description of the vehicle and load to be moved and proposed routing thereof. The information shall include all physical dimensions, axle weights and the gross vehicle weight. Inaccurate or otherwise incomplete applications may result in a delay or denial of the issuance of a permit. Failure to propose a specific route on the application or failure of the proposed routing to accommodate the load shall result in the assignment of the best available route as determined by the director. If applying for a continuing permit, the applicant shall provide the estimated number of movements to be made on the continuing permit.

(D) Where filed.

(1) Permit applications may be submitted by completing an on-line application or by mail by the applicant or his agent to the following address:

"Special Hauling Permits Section

Ohio Department of Transportation

1980 West Broad Street, Mail Stop 5140

Columbus, Ohio 43223"

(614) 351-2300

(2) Alternatively, permit applications may be submitted on-line by accessing the application linked to the "Permits/Special Hauling" link under alphabetical office listings of the Ohio department of transportation's home page at

All permit applications must be signed by the applicant or their duly authorized representative or signed on-line by electronic signature. Permit applicants, or their agent, submitting on-line shall first complete form OS-7 available on-line at or in person by contacting the special hauling permit section. Thereafter, the permit applicant, or their agent, is assigned a user name and generic password for that entity. The permit applicant, or their agent, will adapt the generic password by creating a unique password which will serve as the permit applicant's electronic signature.

(3) The number of permits submitted by mail may be limited at the discretion of the director or the director's designee.

(E) Applications for permits must be accompanied by the fees designated in rule 5501:2-1-09 of the Administrative Code, except as provided therein for advanced payments. Applications without accompanying fees may result in delay or denial of the issuance of the permit. Fees are waived for federal, state, local governments, and political subdivisions.

(F) Applications shall be preceded by an insurance policy endorsement in the amounts specified in rule 5501:2-1-09 of the Administrative Code unless a current endorsement is already on file with the special hauling permits section. This requirement is waived for federal, state, local governments and political subdivisions. In no case will a permit be issued for a duration which extends beyond the expiration date of any policy of insurance provided as evidence of financial responsibility. A surety bond in the same amounts may be submitted in lieu of the insurance policy endorsement. The manner and form of submission are as follows:

(1) Such endorsement must be on the form prescribed and furnished by the special hauling permits section to the applicant upon his request. This endorsement may be canceled without canceling the policy to which it is attached. Such cancellation may be effected by the insuring agency or the insured giving thirty days notice in writing to the department, such thirty days notice to commence to run from the date the notice is actually received in the special hauling permits section. Cancellation of the insurance policy to which the endorsement is attached will be effective as a cancellation of the endorsement and the thirty-day notice requirement must be met.

(2) Such bond must be on the form prescribed and furnished by the special hauling permits section to the applicant upon request. Written confirmation of a bond being executed will be accepted from the surety, pending the receipt of the properly-executed bond form, if the written confirmation is signed by a duly authorized representative of the surety signing in his official capacity. Such bonds are continuous and remain in force until written notice of cancellation is received by the special hauling permits section from the surety. Such cancellation shall take effect thirty days after the notice of cancellation is received.

(G) Prior to the issuance or denial of any permit, the director may schedule a meeting to which the applicant will be invited to present evidence showing cause why the requested permit should be issued. If such a meeting is scheduled, the applicant may be represented by counsel.

(H) The director may issue a permit or may deny the issuance of a permit. If a permit is denied, notice of such denial will be sent by electronic means of transmission to the applicant unless requested otherwise. All rights of appeal for the applicant denied a permit to move overweight and/or over dimension vehicles are described in rule 5501:2-1-11 of the Administrative Code. If a permit is issued, it shall be sent to the applicant or their legal agent by electronic transmission, in person, by first class mail, or as otherwise requested by the applicant.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 5501.02
Amplifies: 4513.34
Five Year Review Date: 10/4/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 9/1/1982, 5/15/1983, 9/8/2003, 10/16/2008, 1/27/2014