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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 5501:2-1-08 | Conditions on permitted movements.


(A) Unless otherwise provided in the permit, no movements except emergency movements shall be made at night (between the hours of sunset to sunrise) or from twelve noon of the day preceding and continuing until sunrise of the day following all legal holidays and legal holiday weekends or any other day or weekend as designated by the director.

(B) All movements shall be made at such speeds and in such manner so as to conform to the posted speed limits unless otherwise provided in the permit.

(C) No movements under permits shall be made during adverse weather and/or road conditions, such as storms, slippery or snow-covered roads, thick fog or other conditions restricting visibility. The director may waive this condition if in his discretion such waiver is in the best interest and welfare of the public.

(D) No vehicle or load operating under a permit shall be parked upon the highway or shoulder at any time, except as directed by a law enforcement officer, an authorized employee of the department, or in the event of a mechanical failure or traffic accident necessitating such stopping, in which case adequate protection shall immediately be provided for the traveling public.

(E) Every vehicle operating under a permit shall maintain sufficient space, whenever conditions permit, between such vehicle and another vehicle ahead so that an overtaking motor vehicle may enter and occupy such space without danger.

(F) Every vehicle operating under a permit shall, when traveling on freeways, expressways, or multi-lane undivided highways, remain in the extreme right-hand lane of said highway except as necessary to maintain continuous through movement, to make left turns or exits, or to pass other vehicles. Overwidth vehicles shall exercise all due caution when passing other vehicles traveling in the same direction.

(G) Flags and/or flag persons may be required at the discretion of the director. If the director determines that flags and/or flag persons are necessary, these requirements will be specified on the permit. Such flags and/or flag persons shall then conform to the following specifications:

(1) All flags shall be clean, bright solid red or orange in color, and at least eighteen inches square. They shall be displayed on all four corners of all overwidth vehicles or loads and at the extreme ends of all protrusions, projections, or overhangs.

(2) A flag person shall be equipped with a flag and a bright lime green or orange upper outer garment, such as a safety vest. Such person shall be familiar with proper flagging procedures and be responsible for directing traffic, through proper use of the flag and hand signals as described in the "Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices," as amended at the time of the effective date of this rule, at all locations where traffic may be obstructed, at all danger points such as narrow bridges, or when necessary to encroach upon an opposing traffic lane due to breakdown, pulling on or off the pavement, or other similar reasons.

(H) Flashing amber beacons may be required on over dimension vehicles or combinations of vehicles and loads at the discretion of and as prescribed by the director. Special vehicle lighting over and above that required by law may be prescribed by the director for emergency movements at night or during other periods of restricted visibility. If the director determines that safety lighting devices are necessary, these requirements will be specified on the permit.

(I) All over dimension vehicles, when their overall height exceeds legal maximum, length exceeds legal maximum, and width meets or exceeds ten feet, operating under permits shall display signs on the front and rear in accordance with standard sign designs as prescribed and furnished by the director.

(J) Private escorts or police escort vehicles may be required at the discretion of and as prescribed by the director. If the director determines that escort service is necessary, this requirement will be specified in the permit. Permittees may elect to utilize escorts but must advise the director of such election in advance and conform to the escort conditions prescribed by the director and the financial responsibility provisions of the Revised Code. Every person operating a private escort vehicle must be a licensed driver who is also capable of performing the duties of a flag person as described in paragraph (G)(2) of this rule.

(K) The operator or driver of any over dimension or overweight vehicle operating under a permit shall strictly adhere to the routing specified in the permit and shall not deviate therefrom except as authorized by the director for unforeseen conditions that preclude the use of specified routing. The operator or driver shall also comply with all traffic laws governing the movement of traffic in general.

(L) The permit may specify additional limitations that the director determines to be necessary for the protection of pavements or structures or that the director determines to be necessary for the safety of the motoring public.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 5501.02
Amplifies: 4513.34
Five Year Review Date: 10/4/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 9/25/1951, 9/1/1982, 5/15/1983, 9/8/2003, 10/16/2008, 1/27/2014