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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 5501:2-10-02 | Posting of signs advising that penalties are increased within construction zones.


(A) The state department of transportation, county commissioners or board of township trustees (agencies) shall authorize the posting of signs indicating that traffic fines are doubled for speeding within selected construction zones under their respective jurisdictions, and that penalties for killing or injuring any person within those construction zones are increased. This provision shall apply in any construction zone on a multi-lane divided highway where the work is expected to last thirty days or more, if the planned work length is at least one-half mile long, and if the construction zone is stationary. The signs may be erected in any other construction zone at the discretion of the director of transportation. Signs may be erected for construction zones located on other highways meeting the foregoing requirements if required by the agency's procedures adopted under paragraph (C) of this rule or at the discretion of the director of transportation.

(B) The signs, sign location, and mounting shall be in accordance with the following:

(1) The sign posted shall be designed by the director of transportation in accordance with the Ohio manual of uniform traffic control devices. The signs should be mounted on both sides (dual) of a directional roadway of a divided highway, but need only be mounted on the right side of an undivided roadway or ramp.

(2) The first sign(s) shall be placed between the "road work ahead" sign or other similar warning sign and the next sign in the sequence. Additional signs are required for long construction zones or where ramps or through streets junction within the construction project work limits. Signs shall be erected on each entrance ramp, near intersections of through roads to advise entering or turning traffic, and at least once every two miles through the construction work limits.

(3) The signs shall be furnished, erected, maintained in good condition and/or replaced as necessary and subsequently removed by the entity which erects the traffic controls within the project. Signs shall be mounted at the appropriate offsets and elevations as prescribed by the Ohio manual of uniform traffic control devices. They shall be mounted on supports meeting current safety criteria.

(4) Where construction activity affects only one directional roadway of a divided highway with a barrier or wide median, signs shall not be erected for traffic on the opposing directional roadway or ramp.

(5) Signs shall be covered or removed when a construction zone is discontinued for a period of thirty days or more. Additionally the agency may require signs to be covered or removed for a specific shorter period.

(C) Each agency shall adopt procedures pertaining to requiring a contractor, work crew or utility to erect, maintain and remove signs, in conformance with the foregoing.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 5501.02, 5501.27
Amplifies: 4511.98, 4511.99, 5501.27
Five Year Review Date: 9/7/2022
Prior Effective Dates: 5/1/1995, 6/9/2004 (Emer.)