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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:1-11-05 | Quarantine.


(A) Swine and other animals found to be infected with or exposed to pseudorabies, shall be quarantined. Any premises and herd where such diseased animals are found or have been recently kept shall also be quarantined.

(B) No susceptible animal shall be brought to or removed from a quarantined premises or quarantined herd except with a permit from the Ohio department of agriculture; and

(1) No person may move swine into an infected feedlot unless:

(a) They are vaccinated for pseudorabies with a vaccine specified by the department; or

(b) They enter with a permit from the department waiving the vaccination requirement.

(2) Slaughter sows moving from a quarantined premises must be identified as prescribed by the department.

(C) Release of quarantine.

(1) The department shall release a swine herd and a premises from quarantine under the following conditions:

(a) One negative herd test as defined under paragraph (E)(2)(a) of rule 901:1-11-02 of the Administrative Code not less than thirty days after removal of all positive swine; or

(b) One negative herd test as defined under paragraph (E)(2)(b) of rule 901:1-11-02 of the Administrative Code not less than thirty days following removal of all positive swine when the herd owner or bailee signs an agreement committing to the following conditions.

(i) The herd shall be retested five to seven months after quarantine release as follows:

(a) For herds of less than one hundred swine, test all, up to thirty-five head.

(b) For herd of one hundred to two hundred swine, test thirty-nine head.

(c) For herd of over two hundred swine, test forty-four head.

(d) The swine tested are to be selected at random and are to include all recent additions. The tested swine shall be proportionately representative of the herd and at least one pig per pen shall be tested.

(ii) Swine from herds released from quarantine under paragraph (C)(1)(b) of this rule shall not be sold, moved or disposed of for breeding purposes until completion of the herd retest, five to seven months after quarantine release.

(c) Following complete swine herd depopulation; or

(d) An owner or bailee that has introduced positive swine from an infected herd may test all swine that have been in contact with the positive swine thirty days after removal of all positive swine. If all contact swine are negative, the quarantine shall be released.

(2) All buildings, pens, equipment, and vehicles used by animals in the infected herds shall be cleaned and disinfected under supervision of the Ohio department of agriculture within fifteen days following removal of infected animals or depopulation of the herd

(D) The department may release other species of animals from quarantine when there have been no clinical symptoms of pseudorabies in these animals for a period of ten days and these animals have been isolated from the swine herd.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 941.03, 941.09, 941.10
Amplifies: 941.02, 941.06, 941.07, 941.10
Five Year Review Date: 9/4/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 11/14/1977, 5/24/1984, 1/1/1988