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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:1-23-02 | Movement of swine from livestock auction markets and livestock concentration markets.


(A) Swine over two hundred pounds:

(1) No person shall release or move any swine weighing over two hundred pounds from a livestock auction market or livestock concentration market unless:

(a) The swine are moved for immediate slaughter; or

(b) The swine are moved for breeding purposes and comply with all of the following:

(i) Originate immediately and directly from a qualified pseudorabies negative herd;

(ii) Originate from an Ohio county that is stage IV status or higher; or

(iii) Be accompanied to the market with evidence of a negative pseudorabies test which was conducted within forty-five days of the date of arrival at the market; and

(iv) Have received veterinary inspection and have been identified as prescribed by the department; and

(v) The swine are moved directly from the market to their point of final destination.

(2) The swine (excluding sows or gilts which are bred or with pigs by their side) move to a quarantined sow feedlot, located on a premises where no breeding swine exist, following veterinary inspection and identification as prescribed by the department. The swine, except sows originating from Ohio, shall be vaccinated prior to release from the livestock market in accordance with rule 901:1-11-04 of the Administrative Code. No person shall move any swine regardless of weight to a quarantined sow feedlot unless they are vaccinated in the market or within twenty-four hours after arrival at the quarantined feedlot in accordance with rule 901:1-1-04 of the Administrative Code. The veterinarian or other person administering the vaccine must report the vaccination of those animals on a form obtained from the Ohio department of agriculture and return to the department within seven days listing the name and address of the owner or bailee, number of doses, the name of the vaccine and the eartag numbers of the swine vaccinated. No person shall move swine from a quarantined sow feedlot except for immediate slaughter and such swine shall be accompanied with an owner shipper statement containing the identification of the animals.

(B) Swine weighing two hundred pounds or less:

(1) No person shall move or release any swine weighing two hundred pounds or less from a livestock auction market or a livestock concentration market unless:

(a) The swine have been inspected by a veterinary inspector and identified with a blue metal eartag prior to movement; and

(i) The swine are either moved directly to their point of final destination or they are moved within twenty-four hours of sale to a second Ohio livestock auction market or livestock concentration market for the sole purpose of consolidation for transportation and moved directly from there to their final point of destination; or

(ii) The department of agriculture has granted written permission to sell the swine at a second livestock auction market or livestock concentration market within the same business organization. Persons to whom written permission is granted shall move the swine to and sell them at the second market within forty-eight hours after arrival at the first market. Swine sold or moved under this provision can only originate from a county with no pseudorabies quarantines. Feeder or breeder swine shall not remain in the livestock market for more than seventy-two hours.

(b) The swine are sold designated for immediate slaughter. Slaughter swine shall not remain in the market for more than one hundred twenty hours.

(2) Swine moved under authority of paragraph (B)(1)(a) of this rule upon arrival at their point of final destination shall be quarantined to that premises until sold for immediate slaughter, except that:

(a) Swine may be released from quarantine not less than thirty days following arrival if they are tested and classed negative to an official test for pseudorabies; or

(b) Swine not excepted by paragraph (B)(2)(a) of this rule may move from quarantine by written permit from the Ohio department of agriculture; or

(c) They may be exhibited under paragraph (A)(2)(c) of rule 901:1-18-10 of the Administrative Code.

(C) Swine originating from a pseudorabies infected herd.

(1) Swine from a pseudorabies infected herd moving to immediate slaughter through a livestock slaughter assembly market shall only move through a market where the individual responsible for day to day operations has executed, under 9 CFR 71.20. an agreement to handle pseudorabies reactor, suspect, or exposed swine

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 941.03
Amplifies: 941.10
Five Year Review Date: 2/9/2016
Prior Effective Dates: 1/1/1988, 1/7/1991