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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:1-6-06 | Transportation.


Unless otherwise specified, this rule applies to all adult dogs and puppies kept by high volume breeders.

(A) Transportation of adult dogs or puppies shall comply with the United States Animal Welfare Act Transportation Standards.

(B) All adult dog and puppy shipments and certifications shall be in compliance with all applicable state, national, or international requirements.

(C) Adults dogs or puppies may only be transported in commerce if:

(1) The transport is to a USDA registered research facility; or,

(2) The adult dog or puppy is at least eight weeks of age and has been weaned.

(D) After the exchange of ownership of adult dogs or puppies from the breeder or owner to the next party, that party shall retain possession and ownership for a minimum of twenty four hours before another exchange of ownership can occur.

(E) Adult dog or puppy transportation shall be conducted in a manner that is safe, well-planned, coordinated, and which minimizes distress to the adult dogs or puppies.

(F) Primary enclosures used to transport adult dogs or puppies shall:

(1) Be strong enough to contain the adult dogs or puppies securely; provide enough space to turn about normally while standing and to stand and sit erect; to lie in a natural position comfortably; and constructed to withstand the normal rigors of transportation;

(2) Have no sharp points, edges, or protrusions in the interior that could injure the adult dog or puppy;

(3) Securely contain the adult dog or puppy within the enclosure and not allow the adult dog or puppy to put any part of its body outside the enclosure in a way that could result in injury to itself, to handlers, or to persons or animals nearby;

(4) Allow the adult dog or puppy to be easily and quickly removed from the primary enclosure for transportation in an emergency; and,

(5) Be clearly marked on top and on one or more sides with the words ``Live Animals,'' in letters at least three quarters of an inch high, and with arrows or other markings to indicate the correct upright position of the primary enclosure for transportation;

(G) If a slatted or mesh floor is used in the primary enclosure for transportation, it shall be designed and constructed so that the adult dog or puppy cannot put any part of its body between the slats or through the holes in the mesh.

The primary enclosure for transportation shall have a solid, leak-proof bottom or a removable, leak-proof collection tray under the floor that prevents seepage of waste products, such as excreta and body fluids, outside of the enclosure.

(H) If the primary enclosure for transportation uses a solid floor, it shall contain enough previously unused litter to absorb and cover excreta. The litter shall be of a suitably absorbent material that is safe and nontoxic to the adult dogs or puppies.

(I) Adult dogs or puppies in transit shall be checked on every four hours to assure they are receiving sufficient air for normal breathing and they are being protected from adverse weather conditions and temperatures which may cause distress.

(J) No more than two compatible adult dogs or puppies over four months of age may be transported in the same primary enclosure for transportation. Such primary enclosures for transportation must comply with the size requirements in paragraph (F) of this rule.

(K) Puppies four months of age or less may not be transported in the same primary enclosure for transportation with adult dogs other than their dams.

(L) During transport:

(1) Each adult dog or puppy that is sixteen weeks of age or more shall be offered food and water at least once every eight hours.

(2) Puppies less than sixteen weeks of age shall be offered food and water at least once every four hours.

(M) The transporter shall have an emergency plan; to include, but not limited to, delays caused by accidents and vehicle malfunctions.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 956.03
Amplifies: 956.03
Five Year Review Date: 10/5/2019