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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:5-2-05 | Operations.


(A) During all operations involving the transferring or mixing of liquid fertilizer carried on at a storage facility, a suitable means of containment including, but not limited to, collection pans, pads, and dikes shall be placed under each valve, coupling, and pump located outside a secondary containment facility. Each collection device must be able to contain any foreseeable leaks or spills which may occur during transferring or mixing of liquid fertilizer.

(B) An individual familiar with the operation of the mechanical appurtenances in use at the facility and familiar with the procedures to be used for control and recovery of discharges shall be present during all transfer and mixing operations.

(C) All transfer and mixing operations shall be stopped in the event a discharge occurs and may not be resumed until the cause of the discharge is corrected and all discharges are recovered.

(D) All wash water and rinsates from equipment cleaning and fertilizer handling or any other operation carried on at a storage facility shall be collected using a containment method, device, or structure adequately sized to prevent spillage onto unprotected areas. No collected liquid or material shall be discharged to any watercourse, storm sewer, field tile, or sanitary sewer. All rainwater collected within the diked area must be shown not to be in violation of current water quality standards before it can be disposed of through field tile, sewer, or any watercourse.

(E) All permanent storage vessels which are or will be out of service for more than six months due to deterioration or leaks, or out of service for more than two years for any reason shall be thoroughly cleaned, all hatches shall be left open, and valves and connections shall be severed and sealed.

(F) No permanent storage vessel shall be filled with any liquids other than those which are compatible with the materials used in the construction of the permanent storage vessel nor filled beyond the capacity for which it is designed, taking into account the density of the liquid being stored and thermal expansion during storage.

(G) Non-pressurized nurse tanks shall not be used for storage of liquid fertilizer for more than thirty consecutive days.

(H) No person shall fill or cause to be filled any permanent storage vessel which fails to meet the requirements of Chapter 901:5-2 of the Administrative Code.

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