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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:5-27-06 | Prohibited and restricted noxious weed seeds list.


(A) The following species are hereby designated "prohibited noxious-weed seed":

(1) Field bindweed, Convolvulus arvensis (L.);

(2) Quackgrass, Elytrigia repens (L.) Nevski = Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv.;

(3) Canada thistle, Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.;

(4) Johnsongrass, Sorghum halpense (L.) Pers.;

(5) Heart-podded hoary cress, Lepidium draba sub. draba (L.) Desv.;

(6) Hairy whitetop or ballcress, Lepidium appelianum (C. Meyer) Jarmol;

(7) Perennial sowthistle, Sonchus arvensis (L.);

(8) Russian knapweed, Acroptilon repens (L.) DC. = Centaurea picris Pallas ex Willd;

(9) Leafy spurge, Euphorbia esula (L.);

(10) Hedge bindweed, Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. = Convolvulus sepium (L.);

(11) Serrated tussock, Nassella trichotoma (Nees) Hackel ex Arechav.;

(12) Columbus grass, Sorghum x almum parodi;

(13) Purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria (L.);

(14) Musk thistle, Carduus nutans (L.);

(15) Giant Hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum (Somer & Levier).

(16) Kochia, Bassia scoparia;

(17) Waterhemp, Amaranthus tuberculatus;

(18) Palmer Amarantha, Amaranthus palmeri;

(19) Shattercane, Sorghum bicolor; and

(20) Apple of Peru, Nicandra physalodes.

(B) The following species are hereby designated "restricted noxious weed seed":

(1) Dodder, Cuscuta (L.) spp.;

(2) Horsenettle, Solanum carolinnese (L.);

(3) Corncockle, Agrostemma githago (L.);

(4) Wild garlic, Allium vineale (L.);

(5) Wild onion, Allium canadense (L.);

(6) Curly dock, Rumex crispus (L.);

(7) Buckhorn, Plantago lanceolata (L.);

(8) Oxeye daisy, Leucanthemum vulgare lam;

(9) Wild mustard, Brassica arvensis (L.) rabenh. & Brassica kaber (D.C.) L.C. wheeler; and

(10) Poison-hemlock, Conium maculatum (L.).

Last updated September 23, 2021 at 8:33 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 907.10
Amplifies: 907.10
Five Year Review Date: 9/23/2026
Prior Effective Dates: 10/26/1965, 5/22/1981, 10/15/1987, 7/1/1989, 5/31/1999, 10/31/2004, 3/26/2007