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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

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Rule 4981-1-01 | Open-meeting notice rule.

...(A) Definitions. As used in this rule: (1) "Day" means calendar day. (2) "Meeting" means any prearranged discussion of the public business of the commission by a majority of the members of the commission or by a majority of the members of any committee or subcommittee of the commission. (3) "Oral notification" means notification given orally, either in person or by telephone, directly to the person for whom such n...

Rule 4981-1-02 | Public notice as to adoption, amendment or rescission of rules.

...(A) The purpose of this rule is to set forth in detail the method that the commission will follow in giving public notice as to the adoption, amendment or rescission of rules, pursuant to section 119.03 of the Revised Code. (B) For purposes of this rule the terms "rule" and "persons" have the same meanings assigned to them, respectively by section 119.03 of the Revised Code. (C) Public notice of the proposed consid...

Rule 4981-1-03 | Definitions.

...As used in this chapter: (A) The term "qualified project" means a rail project, including without limitation, rehabilitation, construction, planning, relocation, acquisition, rail property, or rail facilities. (B) The term "borrower" means any public entity or private entity. (C) The term "public entity" means a state agency, county, city, village, township, regional transit board, port authority organized under C...

Rule 4981-1-04 | Administration of loans/bonds/grants.

...The ORDC shall administer loans, bonds and grants to provide financial assistance for qualified rail projects in the state of Ohio, as prescribed in this chapter of the Administrative Code. In authorizing financial assistance, the ORDC shall use prudent financial guidelines related to the desirability, timing, and relative risk of the project. The ORDC shall not undertake projects which, in the ORDC's determination,...

Rule 4981-1-05 | Security for financial assistance.

...The ORDC may request any of the following as security for financial assistance: (A) A pledge of identified tax revenues, fees, or other revenues derived directly or indirectly from the project; (B) A guarantee from the borrower or another person; (C) A mortgage or lien position on or security interest in the project or a portion of the project, or any other asset of the borrower; (D) Other credit enhancement the ...

Rule 4981-1-06 | Fees.

...The ORDC shall establish and collect application and issuance fees for financial assistance in amounts the ORDC determines appropriate. The ORDC shall make available a publication setting forth the fees, which may be updated whenever the ORDC determines necessary.

Rule 4981-1-07 | Eligibility criteria.

...The ORDC shall determine the eligibility of a project based on the following criteria: (A) Whether environmental assessments and subsequent clearance processes are complete to the extent necessary to meet the funding source requirements; (B) Whether preliminary engineering will be completed prior to loan closing. "Preliminary engineering" includes the major investment study, wetlands analysis and mitigation plan, a...

Rule 4981-1-08 | Application procedure.

...In order to be eligible for financial assistance through the ORDC, a borrower shall submit an application on a form prescribed by the ORDC. The application shall include a complete description of the project, sources and use of funds, repayment sources, and financial justification for the assistance. The ORDC executive director, with assistance of ORDC staff, will determine the completeness of the application. If app...