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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Chapter 1723 | Appropriation Of Property By Certain Corporations

Section 1723.01 | Power to enter upon and appropriate land.

If a company is organized for the purpose of erecting or building dams across rivers or streams in this state to raise and maintain a head of water; for constructing and maintaining canals, locks, and raceways to regulate and carry such head of water to any plant or powerhouse where electricity is to be generated; for erecting and maintaining lines of poles on which to string wires or cables to carry and transmit electricity; for transporting natural or artificial gas, petroleum, coal or its derivatives, water, or electricity, through tubing, pipes, or conduits, or by means of wires, cables, or conduits; for storing, transporting, or transmitting water, natural or artificial gas, petroleum, or coal or its derivatives, or for generating and transmitting electricity; then such company may enter upon any private land to examine or survey lines for its tubing, pipes, conduits, poles, and wires, or to examine and survey for a reservoir, dams, canals, raceways, a plant, or a powerhouse, and to ascertain the number of acres overflowed by reason of the construction of such dams, and may appropriate so much of such land, or any right or interest therein, as is deemed necessary for the laying down or building of such tubing, conduits, pipes, dams, poles, wires, reservoir, plant, powerhouse, storage yards, wharves, bridges, workshops, receiving and delivery structures or facilities, pumping stations, and any other buildings, structures, appliances, or facilities necessary to the purposes of such companies, as well as the land overflowed, and for the erection of tanks and reservoirs for the storage of water for transportation and the erection of stations along such lines.

Section 1723.02 | Acquiring right to appropriate.

The appropriation referred to in section 1732.01 of the Revised Code shall be made in accordance with sections 163.01 to 163.22 of the Revised Code. So far as the rights of the public therein are concerned, the director of transportation or other state official having supervision or control as to state roads, the board of county commissioners as to county roads, the board of township trustees as to township roads, and the legislative authority of municipal corporation as to streets and alleys in their respective jurisdictions, may grant to such companies, subject to such regulations and restrictions as such public officials prescribe, the right to lay such tubing, pipes, conduits, poles, and wires therein. But the right to appropriate for any of the purposes specified in such section does not extend to the erection of any tank, station, reservoir, or building, or lands, therefor, or to more than one continuous pipe, conduit, or tubing, or lands therefor, in or through a municipal corporation, unless the legislative authority first consents thereto.

Section 1723.03 | Right to appropriate public way.

Sections 1723.01 to 1723.02 of the Revised Code do not confer power to appropriate any portion of, or confer any right in, any street, alley, highway, or other public way or land situated within any municipal corporation without such municipal corporation's consent.

Section 1723.04 | Reservoirs in certain places prohibited.

No reservoirs for the storage or transportation of water shall be constructed by any company described in section 1723.01 of the Revised Code, within the corporate limits of any municipal corporation or within any public park, and all excavations made by such company, except reservoirs for storage and transportation of water, shall be well filled, and kept well filled, by it.

Section 1723.05 | Functions of hydraulic company.

A company described in section 1723.01 of the Revised Code may transport, store, insure, and ship natural gas, petroleum, coal or its derivatives, or water, and may transport and store water for the purpose of furnishing it to engineers employed in developing for petroleum, or to engineers employed in the production and transportation of petroleum; and for such purpose such company may lay down, construct, and maintain the necessary pipes, tubing, tanks, machinery, and arrangements.

Section 1723.06 | Hydraulic company may hold necessary property.

A company described in section 1723.01 of the Revised Code may take, by purchase or otherwise, and hold such real and personal estate, and may erect or purchase the necessary buildings and machinery for carrying on the business, including all the necessary equipment and appendages of the business, such as tubing, pumps, tanks, telegraph apparatus, and engines, as may be necessary to transport oils, coal or its derivatives, or water through tubes and pipes.

Section 1723.08 | Hydraulic company as a common carrier.

With respect to the transporting by it of natural gas, petroleum, coal or its derivatives, water, and electricity, a company described in section 1723.01 of the Revised Code is a common carrier and is subject to the duties and liabilities of a common carrier under the laws of this state. A company described in section 1723.01 of the Revised Code includes any firm, partnership, voluntary association, joint-stock association, company, or corporation, wherever organized or incorporated, when engaged in the business of transporting petroleum through tubing, pipes, or conduits as a common carrier.