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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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driving under the influence
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Section 4510.61 | Driver license compact.

...Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a narcotic drug, or under the influence of any other drug to a degree that renders the driver incapable of safely driving a motor vehicle; (3) Any felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle is used; (4) Failure to stop and render aid in the event of a motor vehicle accident resulting in the death or personal injury of another. (b) A...

Section 2937.281 | Recognizance forms.

...nses (except those of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substances and leaving the scene of an accident) the court or magistrate shall accept guaranteed arrest bond with respect to which a surety company has become surety as provided in section 3929.141 of the Revised Code in lieu of cash bail in an amount not to exceed two hundred dollars.

Section 4508.02 | Rules for administration and enforcement; fees.

...driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance, prescription medication, or alcohol. (D) The rules shall state the minimum hours for classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction required for beginning drivers of commercial trucks, commercial cars, buses, and commercial tractors, trailers, and semitrailers. (E)(1) The department of public safety may charge a fee to each online driver tra...

Section 4511.19 | Operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs - OVI.

...essary. If the court grants unlimited driving privileges to a first-time offender under section 4510.022 of the Revised Code, all penalties imposed upon the offender by the court under division (G)(1)(a)(i) of this section for the offense apply, except that the court shall suspend any mandatory or additional jail term imposed by the court under division (G)(1)(a)(i) of this section upon granting unlimited driving p...

Section 4510.038 | Conditions for reinstatement of driving privileges.

...operation of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of them, the dangers of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of them, and other information relating to the operation of vehicles and the consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of drugs. The director, in consultation with the director of mental health and addiction services, shal...

Section 4510.17 | Suspension of license for drug or OVI offense substantially similar to state statute.

... to operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or alcohol and a drug of abuse; (ii) A municipal ordinance relating to operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited concentration of alcohol, a controlled substance, or a metabolite of a controlled substance in the whole blood, blood serum or plasma, breath, or urine; (iii) Section 2903.04 of the Revised Code in a case in which the pers...

Section 4511.192 | Advice to OVI arrestee.

...hemical test required by law, your Ohio driving privileges will be suspended immediately, and you will have to pay a fee to have the privileges reinstated. If you have a prior conviction of OVI or operating a vehicle while under the influence of a listed controlled substance or a listed metabolite of a controlled substance under state or municipal law within the preceding twenty years, you now are under arrest for st...

Section 2919.22 | Endangering children.

...hall not grant to the offender, limited driving privileges if the offender's license, permit, or privilege has been suspended under division (E)(5)(d) of this section and the offender, within the preceding six years, has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to three or more violations of one or more of the following: (a) Division (C) of this section; (b) Any equivalent offense, as defined in section 4511.181 of th...

Section 4506.15 | Prohibited acts.

...s license or permit or other commercial driving privileges are revoked, suspended, canceled, or disqualified; (10) Cause a fatality through the negligent operation of a commercial motor vehicle, including, but not limited to, the offenses of aggravated vehicular homicide, vehicular homicide, and vehicular manslaughter; (11) Fail to stop after an accident in violation of sections 4549.02 to 4549.03 of the Revise...

Section 4507.01 | Driver's license law definitions - authority of registrar - deputy registrars.

..., nor in any manner advise, suggest, or influence any licensee or applicant for license for or against any kind or type of automobile insurance, insurance company, or agent, nor have the deputy registrar's office directly connected with the office of any automobile insurance agent, nor impart any information furnished by any applicant for a license or identification card to any person, except the registrar. This divi...

Section 4510.54 | Motion for modification or termination of suspension.

...rt shall take into account the person's driving record, the nature of the offense that led to the suspension, and the impact of the offense on any victim. In addition, if the offender is eligible for modification or termination of the suspension under division (A)(1)(a) of this section, the court shall consider whether the person committed any other offense while under suspension and determine whether the offense is ...

Section 4925.04 | Driver qualifications.

...(a) Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug of abuse, or a combination of both, in violation of section 4511.19 of the Revised Code; (b) The commission of any felony offense while operating, or being a passenger in, a motor vehicle; (c) A theft or fraud offense in violation of section 2911.01 or 2911.02 of the Revised Code or any provision of Chapter 2913. of the Revised Code; (d) A proper...