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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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"hazardous material" and railroad
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Section 4907.01 | Definitions.

...reet railway company," and "interurban railroad company" have the same meanings as in section 4905.03 of the Revised Code. (C) "Railroad" has the same meaning as in section 4907.02 of the Revised Code. (D) "Public highway" has the same meaning as in section 4921.01 of the Revised Code.

Section 4907.02 | Railroad defined.

... 4909., and 4959. of the Revised Code, "railroad" includes any corporation, company, individual, or association of individuals, or its lessees, trustees, or receivers appointed by a court, which owns, operates, manages, or controls a railroad or part of a railroad as a common carrier in this state, or which owns, operates, manages, or controls any cars or other equipment used on such a railroad, or which owns, ...

Section 4907.03 | Regulation of service.

...Regulation of service applicable to railroads shall include: (A) The transportation of passengers and property between points within this state; (B) The receiving, switching, delivering, storing, and handling of such property; (C) All charges connected with divisions (A) and (B) of this section, including icing charges and mileage charges; (D) All railroad companies, sleeping car companies, equipment companies, e...

Section 4907.04 | Exception.

... limits of cities, or to other private railroads not doing business as common carriers.

Section 4907.05 | Power to confer with commissioners of other states.

...n may confer on any matters relating to railroads by correspondence, by attending conventions, or otherwise, with the railroad commissioners of other states and with the interstate commerce commission.

Section 4907.06 | Commission may inquire into management of railroads.

...o the management of the business of any railroad, and shall keep itself informed as to the manner and method in which it is conducted. It may obtain from a railroad the information necessary to enable it to perform the duties and carry out the objects for which it was created.

Section 4907.07 | Investigation into violations of the interstate commerce law.

... freight rates on interstate traffic on railroads in this state. If in its opinion they are excessive, discriminatory, levied in violation of the interstate commerce law, or in conflict with the rulings, orders, or regulations of the interstate commerce commission, it shall present the facts to the railroad with the request to make such changes as the public utilities commission advises. If such changes are not made...

Section 4907.08 | Commission to inquire into neglect or violations of laws.

...olation of the laws of this state by a railroad doing business in this state, by its officers, agents, or employees, or by any person operating a railroad. The commission shall enforce Chapters 4901., 4903., 4905., 4907., 4909., and 4959. of the Revised Code, as well as all other laws relating to railroads, and report violations thereof to the attorney general. If, upon complaint or otherwise, the commission h...

Section 4907.09 | Power of commission to regulate in cases not designated.

...If, after hearing and investigation as provided by Chapters 4901., 4903., 4905., 4907., 4909., 4921., 4923., and 4925. of the Revised Code, the public utilities commission finds any charge, regulation, or practice affecting the transportation of passengers or property, or any service in connection therewith, not specifically designated, unreasonable or unjustly discriminatory, it may regulate it as provided by such ...

Section 4907.10 | Commission may make examinations.

..., may inspect the books and papers of a railroad and examine under oath any officer, agent, or employee of a railroad, in relation to any matter which is the subject of complaint and investigation. A person, other than one of the commissioners, who makes such demand shall produce his authority to make such inspection, under the hand of a commissioner, or of the secretary, and under the seal of the commission.

Section 4907.11 | Commission may require production of books and papers.

...By order or subpoena served on a railroad as a summons is served in a civil action in the court of common pleas, the public utilities commission may require, at such time and place within this state as it designates, the production of books, papers, or accounts relating to any matter which is the subject of complaint or investigation, kept by such railroad in any office or place outside of this state, or verified cop...

Section 4907.12 | Forfeiture for refusal to comply with subpoena.

...A railroad failing or refusing to comply within a reasonable time with an order or subpoena from the public utilities commission issued under section 4907.11 of the Revised Code shall forfeit and pay into the state treasury, for each day it so fails or refuses, not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, to be recovered in a civil action in the name of the commission.

Section 4907.13 | Annual statement under oath to commission.

...Every railroad company, incorporated or doing business in this state, shall file with the public utilities commission a full and true statement of the affairs of such company relative to this state, covering the yearly period fixed by the commission. Such statement shall be made under oath of the proper officers of such company and shall be similar in character and detail to the annual report required to be made by r...

Section 4907.14 | List of officers and directors.

...ter the election of the directors of a railroad doing business in this state, the secretary of the railroad shall forward to the public utilities commission a list of the officers and directors thereof, giving the place of residence and post-office address of each. If a change occurs in the organization of the officers or board of directors of a railroad, the secretary shall notify the commission of such chang...

Section 4907.15 | Map and profile of new railroad.

...onable time after the construction of a railroad, or at any time when required by the public utilities commission, such railroad shall make and file with the commission a map and profile of such railroad, which shall be drawn on a scale, and certified and signed by the president or engineer of such railroad. A railroad company which violates this section is subject to the forfeiture provided in section 4905.12 of th...

Section 4907.16 | Commission shall be furnished copies of certain leases, contracts, and agreements.

...f the public utilities commission, each railroad within this state shall furnish copies of all leases, contracts, and agreements with express, sleeping car, freight, or rolling stock companies, or other companies doing business upon or in connection with such road, to the commission. The commission or its authorized agent may examine any officer, agent, or employee of a railroad or of such other companies, under oath...

Section 4907.17 | Report of free transportation.

...y the public utilities commission, each railroad shall file with the commission a verified list of all railroad tickets, passes, and mileage books issued free or for other than actual bona fide money consideration at full established rates during the preceding year, with the names of the recipients thereof, the amount received therefor, and the reason for issuing them. This section does not apply to the sale of ticke...

Section 4907.18 | Commission may demand copies of transportation contracts.

...ion and within a time fixed by it, each railroad shall deliver to the commission for its use copies of all contracts which relate to the transportation of persons or property or any service in connection therewith, made or entered into by such railroad with any other railroad, terminal, depot, car or equipment company, express or other transportation company, bridge company, or any shipper, producer, consumer, or oth...

Section 4907.19 | Commission shall prepare blank forms for railroad.

...ssary, furnish such blank forms to each railroad.

Section 4907.20 | Forms - completion and verification.

...A railroad receiving blank forms from the public utilities commission shall cause them to be properly filled, answering fully and correctly each question therein. In case it is unable to answer any question, such railroad shall give a good and sufficient reason for not answering it. Such answers shall be verified under oath by the proper officer of the railroad and returned to the commission within the time fixed by...

Section 4907.21 | Refusal to fill blank forms.

...No officer, agent, or employee of a railroad company shall willfully fail to fill out and return a blank form required by the public utilities commission, or by law, or willfully fail to answer a question propounded in a blank form, knowingly give a false answer to such question or evade the answer to it, if the fact inquired of is within his knowledge, or, upon proper demand, willfully fail to exhibit a book, paper,...

Section 4907.22 | Prohibition against directing violation.

...No railroad shall, by itself or by a general officer thereof, by direction, instruction, or request, cause an officer, agent, or employee of such railroad to violate section 4907.21 of the Revised Code.

Section 4907.23 | Duty of railroad to report certain accidents.

... within this state upon the line of any railroad, or on the depot grounds or yards of any railroad, such railroad shall give immediate notice of such accident to the public utilities commission. In case of such accident, the commission, if it deems the public interest requires it, shall cause an investigation to be made forthwith, which shall be held in the locality of the accident, unless for greater convenience of...

Section 4907.24 | Adequate service and facilities.

...Each railroad shall furnish reasonably adequate service and facilities. The charges made for any service rendered or to be rendered in the transportation of passengers or property, for any service in connection therewith, or for the receiving, switching, delivering, storing, or handling of such property, shall be reasonable and just. Every unjust and unreasonable charge for such service is prohibited.

Section 4907.25 | Railroad shall file schedules.

...Each railroad shall print in plain type and file with the public utilities commission, within a time fixed by the commission, schedules, showing all rates, fares, and charges for transportation of passengers and property, and any service in connection therewith, which such railroad has established and which are in force at such time between all points in this state upon its railroad, or upon any railroad controlled o...