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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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Section 4961.02 | Electricity as motive power.

...Upon any railroad in this state, electricity may be used as a motive power in the propulsion of cars. Before a line of poles and wires may be constructed through or along the streets, alleys, or public grounds of a municipal corporation, plans of the construction must be submitted to and approved by its legislative authority.

Section 4961.03 | Highway and aerial transportation authorized.

...Any railroad company owning or operating a railroad in this state may own, control, operate, or manage motor vehicles for the purpose of transporting persons or property, or both, upon the public highways for hire, subject to Chapters 4921. and 4923. of the Revised Code. Any railroad company may also own and operate equipment for and engage in the business of aerial transportation. Any railroad company may acqu...

Section 4961.04 | Terminus on state line.

...d in the articles of incorporation of a railroad company is a county upon the line or boundary of the state, the president and board of directors of the company, upon the location of the railroad in that county, shall make and acknowledge a certificate definitely fixing the location in such county and file it with the secretary of state.

Section 4961.05 | Changes of line or termini.

...rths in interest of its stockholders, a railroad company may change the line of railroad, or any part thereof, and either of the proposed termini, of its railroad. No change shall be made which will involve the abandonment of any part of the railroad, either partly or completely constructed. Any subscription of stock made upon the faith of the location of the railroad, or a part thereof, upon a line of railroad aband...

Section 4961.06 | Mortgage on changed line of railroad.

...tgage bonds for the construction of its railroad, the record of the mortgage securing them, in each county through or into which the changed line of the railroad passes, is as effectual to create a lien upon the changed line of railroad and upon the property of the company as if the mortgage contained a complete description of the changed line and of such property.

Section 4961.07 | Route may be changed.

...When a railroad company, the line of whose railroad has not been finally located in whole or in part, finds it necessary, in order to avoid dangerous or difficult curves, grades, or dangerous or unsubstantial grounds or foundations, or for other reasonable cause, to pass through a county not named in the articles of incorporation, or to avoid passing into or through a county named in them, other than a county in whic...

Section 4961.08 | Damages for diversion.

... section 4961.07 of the Revised Code, a railroad company's line of railroad is diverted from a county named in the articles of incorporation, such company is liable to any person owning land in the county for damages caused by the change or diversion. All subscribers to the capital stock of the company on the line of that part of its railroad so changed shall be released from all obligation to pay their subscriptions...

Section 4961.09 | Change of location or grade.

...ther unavoidable or reasonable cause, a railroad company may change the location or grade of any portion of its railroad, but shall not depart from the general route prescribed in the articles of incorporation.

Section 4961.10 | Appropriation of land to make change.

...ection 4961.09 of the Revised Code, the railroad company shall have all rights, powers, and privileges to enter upon and appropriate lands in the manner provided for in sections 163.01 to 163.22, inclusive, of the Revised Code.

Section 4961.11 | Damages by change after completion.

... 4961.09 of the Revised Code, after the railroad has been used for transportation of persons and property, the railroad company is liable for all damages occasioned by the change to the owner of the land upon which the railroad was first constructed.

Section 4961.12 | Construction of branch road.

...A railroad company may construct branches from the main line of railroad to municipal corporations or places within the limits of a county through or into which its railroad passes or to a connection with any railroad within this state, or to any coal or other mine, stone-quarry, plastic-clay, pottery-clay, and fire clay pits or banks, marl beds, sand or gravel pits or banks, asphalt deposits, slag banks, or ore or s...

Section 4961.13 | Right of entry.

...A railroad company, domestic or foreign, or municipal corporation which owns or operates a railroad may enter upon any land for the purpose of examining and surveying its railroad line, and may appropriate so much of such land as is necessary for its railroad including necessary sidetracks, depots, workshops, roundhouses, and water-stations, material for construction, except timber, a right of way over adjacent lands...

Section 4961.15 | Company may acquire lands.

...A railroad company may acquire by purchase or gift lands in the vicinity of the line of its railroad, or through which it passes, so far as is deemed convenient or necessary by the company to secure a right of way, and such as are granted to aid in the construction of its railroad, and hold or convey them, as the board of directors prescribes. Conveyances made by such railroad company may be signed by the president o...

Section 4961.151 | Validity of deeds.

...ficers other than the president of such railroad company, as provided by section 4961.15 of the Revised Code, such deed and the recordation thereof shall be deemed to have been properly executed as of October 2, 1953 and shall be valid in all respects. Any person claiming title adverse thereto, has the right within two years after October 2, 1953, or in the case of deeds recorded for more than twenty years prior to O...

Section 4961.16 | Appropriation of easement.

...reign corporation owning or operating a railroad wholly or partly within this state, it is necessary to use and occupy for an elevated track any portion of any public ground lying within the limits of a municipal corporation and dedicated to the public for use as a public ground, common, landing, or wharf, or for any other public purpose, except all streets, avenues, alleys, or public roads, such company may appropri...

Section 4961.17 | Submission of plans to legislative authority.

...ight to appropriate shall accrue to the railroad company until after it and the legislative authority have agreed upon the manner, terms, and conditions upon which the property may be used or occupied and the plans submitted have been approved by ordinance passed by a two-thirds vote of the legislative authority. Such ordinance shall be read on three separate days. The rules requiring such reading shall not be suspen...

Section 4961.18 | Authorization of extension of line.

...When a railroad company desires to extend the line of its railroad beyond either of its previously designated termini, its president and board of directors may submit the question of such extension and change of termini to a meeting of its stockholders, to be called for that purpose by notice published for four consecutive weeks in some newspaper in general circulation in each county through or into which the railroa...

Section 4961.19 | Diversion of road or stream.

...tion, alteration, or improvement of its railroad, or in making additions to or relocating such railroad, to cross a road or a stream of water, a railroad company may divert it from its location or bed, but without unnecessary delay it shall place such road or stream in such condition as not to impair its former usefulness.

Section 4961.20 | Construction of bridges - use as toll bridges.

...A railroad company may construct its bridges so as to answer the ordinary purposes of travel and business, as well as for railroad purposes, and may demand and receive such rates of toll for the passage of individuals, vehicles of all kinds, or animals, as it fixes, subject to the approval of the board of county commissioners of the county in which such bridge is erected. Rates of toll shall be uniform, shall be pri...

Section 4961.25 | Companies must use same bridge.

...en it becomes necessary for two or more railroads to cross any of the navigable waters of this state at or near the same point, by drawbridge or swing bridge, the companies or persons owning or controlling such railroads, if practicable, shall use the same bridge and approaches thereto. The right to use any such bridge and its approaches, or other similar structure, so situated and used as to make it necessary for th...

Section 4961.26 | Petition - contents.

...The petition to be filed in appropriation proceedings under section 4961.25 of the Revised Code, shall set forth the regulations according to which the joint use of the bridge and approaches, or other structure, are to be regulated. If their reasonableness in any part is denied by the defendant in the proceedings, the court shall hear and determine the issue and record its findings and order thereon, confirming or al...

Section 4961.27 | Directors may receive subscriptions in installments.

...The board of directors of a railroad company which has expended in the construction of its railroad ten per cent of its authorized capital, and has obtained actual bona fide subscriptions to its capital stock to the amount of at least twenty per cent of it, may receive subscriptions to its capital stock, payable in such installments, dependent upon the completion of the whole or any part of its railroad so that cars ...

Section 4961.28 | Conditional subscriptions.

...A railroad company which has begun and partly built its railroad, but is unable to finish and operate it for want of means, may take subscriptions conditioned that the proceeds shall not be used or applied upon the debts of the company. All money or material collected upon such subscriptions, and all material or implements purchased with such money for the construction of the track, houses, depots, and rolling stock ...

Section 4961.29 | Subscription to aid another company.

...A railroad company may aid another in the construction of its railroad by means of subscription to its capital stock, or otherwise, for the purpose of forming a connection of the railroads of the companies, if the railroad of the company so aided will not when constructed form a competing railroad.

Section 4961.30 | Lease or purchase of another railroad.

...A railroad company may lease or purchase any part or all of a railroad constructed, or in the course of construction, by another company, if the lines of their railroads are continuous or connected and not competing, on terms agreed upon between the companies. Railroads running or to be constructed to the tracks and property of a union depot company or terminal company, the use of which is enjoyed by either such less...