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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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"hazardous material" and railroad
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Section 4969.20 | Any number of persons may purchase and incorporate.

...A railroad company organized or existing under the laws of this state may purchase the property as provided in section 4969.19 of the Revised Code. Any number of persons may purchase such railroad, roadbeds, rights of way, property, and franchises either directly at such judicial sale or by grant from the purchasers at such sale. On filing a copy of such deed or grant in the office of the secretary of state, with art...

Section 4969.21 | May issue stock and bonds to pay purchase price.

...y provide for the purchase price of the railroad and other property bought as provided in section 4969.20 of the Revised Code by the issue of its capital stock, preferred or common, and bonds secured by mortgage or otherwise, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding seven per cent per annum. Stock and bonds issued as such purchase price, in amounts the incorporators in good faith agreed on, shall be valid, and taken ...

Section 4969.22 | Certain rights of way forfeited.

...ay, or part thereof, upon an unfinished railroad remains for ten years unused for railroad purposes, it shall be held forfeited and shall revert to the owner of the land, unless at least twenty miles of the railroad have been completed by the company during that period, or unless an average of one thousand dollars per mile has been expended for construction before the expiration of such period.

Section 4971.01 | Proceedings for reorganization.

...ending in any court for the sale of the railroad of a railroad company, under a mortgage or deed of trust, and two thirds in interest of the creditors and two thirds in interest of the stockholders of the company agree, in writing, upon a plan for the readjustment or capitalization of the debt and stock of the company, the court shall render judgment against the company for the amount due and in arrear upon such secu...

Section 4971.02 | Meeting of creditors - proceedings.

...on as practicable after the sale of the railroad of a railroad company under a judgment, the trustees shall call a meeting of the parties to the agreement provided by section 4971.01 of the Revised Code, by a notice signed by a majority of the trustees or their survivors, and published not less than once a week, for four consecutive weeks, in a newspaper published in the cities of New York and Philadelphia, and in a ...

Section 4971.03 | Certificate to be filed.

...ised Code, specifying its name, and the railroad which it is to hold, maintain, and operate, shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state. A certified copy of such certificate shall be evidence of a compliance with sections 4971.01 and 4971.02 of the Revised Code, and of the reorganization and existence of the company.

Section 4971.04 | Powers of new company.

...The reorganized railroad company may, within six months after the organization, assume such debts or liabilities of the original company and make such adjustments or exchanges with any bondholder of the original company, and, within one year, make such adjustments or exchanges with any stockholder of the original company, as are expedient. For such purpose, the company may use bonds or stock which it is authorized to...

Section 4971.05 | Property of new company.

...he legal title, or their survivors, the railroad and other property, franchises, and things purchased, and the franchises, powers, faculties, privileges, and immunities which were possessed and enjoyed by the original railroad company, or by any company with which it had been consolidated, shall be vested in the company as reorganized. Such property, franchises, and things, and all property and things which the reorg...

Section 4971.06 | Issue of stock or securities.

...In cases of railroad companies organized or reorganized under the laws of this state, in which the organization or reorganization agreement provides and stipulates that any class of creditors, bondholders, or stockholders of the original company, shall in any way be restricted or limited in participation in profits or dividends or distributions, or in respect to liens or the right to vote as the holders of stock or s...

Section 4971.07 | Lien of mortgages.

...lien of judgments recovered against the railroad company, after its reorganization, for labor performed for it, materials or supplies furnished to it, or damages, losses, or injuries suffered or sustained by the misconduct of its agents, after such reorganization, or to the lien of judgments against such company in any action founded on its contracts or liability as a common carrier made or incurred after such reorga...

Section 4971.08 | Lien for labor performed.

...In an action against a railroad company, domestic or foreign, operating a railroad in this state, when such action is to recover judgment for labor done, supplies furnished, damages or losses, or injuries suffered or sustained by the misconduct of its agents, or in an action founded on the company's contract or liability as a common carrier, if, when reduced to judgment by virtue of statute or principles of equity, i...

Section 4971.09 | Enforcement of lien.

...ed for the sale of the property of such railroad company under judgment or decree of foreclosure and sale, a party prosecuting an action referred to in such section shall file with the clerk of the court in which the judgment or decree was rendered, a notice in writing, setting forth the title of his action, the court in which it is pending, the amount of his claim, the date from which he claims interest thereon, the...

Section 4971.10 | Court to retain amount of lien.

...On the return of the officer or other person making a sale referred to in section 4971.09 of the Revised Code, before confirming such sale and ordering distribution of the funds arising from it, the court shall retain in its custody or under its control a sufficiency of such proceeds, applicable to distribution to the claimants under the liens of the mortgage or deed of trust, to satisfy any judgment which may be rec...

Section 4971.11 | Action to satisfy judgment.

...f he has recovered judgment against the railroad company, shall file his answer and cross-petition in the action pending in the court holding the fund, setting forth his claim thereto. Such court shall make the orders necessary to the determination of the questions of priorities and distribution of the retained fund as provided in section 4971.10 of the Revised Code.

Section 4971.12 | Provisions applicable to certain other companies.

...e Revised Code apply to companies whose railroads are party within and party without this state. A domestic company possessing such a railroad, may exercise all its powers, privileges, faculties, and franchises outside this state. A foreign corporation possessing a railroad which is partly in another state and partly within this state, may exercise and enjoy all its powers, privileges, faculties, and franchises in t...

Section 4971.13 | Mortgaged property may be sold without appraisement.

...Railroads and other property mortgaged by a reorganized railroad company, if the court deems it expedient, may be sold without appraisement, at judicial sales under judgments upon such mortgage but the court shall fix a minimum sum below which no sale shall be made. To fix that amount, the court may refer the subject to a master with instructions to take testimony and report the sum.

Section 4971.14 | Creditors may agree on capitalization - notice. pending in a court for the sale of a railroad, and such railroad is in the hands of a receiver appointed by such court, two thirds in interest of each class of mortgagees or holders of the bonds issued under a mortgage, two thirds in interest of all other classes of creditors of the railroad company, and the owners of two thirds of the shares of the stock of such company may agree in writing upon a plan for the ad...

Section 4971.15 | Stocks or bonds held in a fiduciary capacity.

...en a portion of the stock or bonds of a railroad company is held by the state, by a county, township, or municipal corporation, or by an executor, administrator, guardian, or otherwise in a fiduciary capacity, the governor, board of county commissioners, board of township trustees, legislative authority, or other authority of the municipal corporation, or person holding in fiduciary capacity, may become parties to an...

Section 4971.16 | Rights of creditors who do not sign agreement.

...As used in this section, "incompetent person" means a person who is so mentally impaired, as a result of a mental or physical illness or disability, as a result of an intellectual disability, or as a result of chronic substance abuse, that the person is incapable of taking proper care of the person's self or property or fails to provide for the person's family or other persons for whom the person is charged by law t...

Section 4971.17 | Court to make order as to costs.

...When the agreement provided for by section 4971.14 of the Revised Code is made and filed, notice of it given, and proof thereof made or offered to be made in the court in which the proceedings are pending, the court shall dismiss the proceedings. Such court may make such order or decree touching the costs and expenses of the proceeding as it deems just.

Section 4971.18 | Agreement may be with each interest.

...tween each interest separately, and the railroad company.

Section 4971.19 | When railroad used by two companies.

...If the railroad involved in the judicial proceedings referred to in sections 4971.01 to 4971.19, inclusive, of the Revised Code, is used, in whole or part, by the railroad company in common with another railroad company, on the same track, between points on the railroad common to both, and within the limits of the termini established by their charters, the company owning the railroad, if it can be done without impair...

Section 4999.01 | Drawing, driving, or moving vehicle on railroad track.

... or on or along the graded roadway of a railroad without the knowledge and consent of the owner or controller of such railroad, unless compelled by necessity to do so. Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

Section 4999.02 | Climbing upon railroad cars.

...ive, engine, or car upon the track of a railroad, unless in compliance with law or by permission under the rules of the corporation managing such railroad. Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

Section 4999.03 | Riding or driving into enclosures of railroads.

... or for a purpose other than crossing a railroad, ride or drive a horse or other domestic animal into an enclosure of a railroad or knowingly permit such animal to go into or remain in such enclosure, or place feed, salt, or other thing within such enclosure to induce such animal to enter into it or upon the track of such railroad, or, while constructing a private crossing or crossing a railroad at a private crossing...