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Rule 1301:8-6-03 | Books and records.


(A) Maintenance and use: Every licensee shall keep and use an intelligible set of books and records in the English language in complying with section 4728.06 of the Revised Code with respect to recording the details of each purchase. All information required to be recorded by section 4728.06 of the Revised Code shall be entered in a bound book or on loose-leaf, permanent forms used exclusively for that purpose. Forms shall be identical and consecutively numbered, each of which shall be of two or more pages. One part of each form shall be detachable and, when completed, shall serve as the statement to be given by the licensee to the seller as provided by section 4728.06 of the Revised Code. The remaining part of the form shall be retained in the licensee's permanent records. All forms shall be accounted for. A licensee may use other methods of recording data, keeping records, and keeping books, such as electronic or computerized methods acceptable to the superintendent, in lieu of the methods described in this division, provided written printouts or hard copies of the required data are readily available.

(B) Partially completed purchase forms: No licensee shall require a seller to affix his or her signature to a blank or partially filled out purchase form.

(C) Preservation of records: Every licensee shall preserve his or her books, forms, accounts, and records for at least two years after making the final entry regarding any purchase of property recorded therein.

(D) All purchased items shall be kept at the licensed location for seventy-two hours from the time of purchase. All books, forms, records, etc., shall be kept at the licensed location.

(E) Proper names and address on forms: All purchase forms and receipt forms shall reflect the name under which the licensee is registered with the division and the complete address of his or her place of business.

Last updated December 23, 2021 at 1:47 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4728.10
Amplifies: 4728.04, 4728.05, 4728.06, 4728.09
Five Year Review Date: 8/31/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 12/30/1988, 8/31/2018