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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3301-83-08 | Pupil transportation management policies.


Pupil transportation management policies and procedures shall be developed cooperatively by administrators and transportation personnel. Policies and procedures shall be designed to ensure the safety and welfare of all school bus passengers and shall include the following:

(A) The school bus driver's authority and/or responsibility to maintain control of the pupils.

(B) The pupil's right to "due process" as provided for by the policies and procedures of the educating agency.

(C) Pupil management and safety instruction policies shall include the following:

(1) Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

(2) Pupils must wait in a location clear of traffic and away from the bus stops.

(3) Behavior at the school bus stop must not threaten life, limb or property of any individual.

(4) Pupils must go directly to an available or assigned seat so the bus may safely resume motion.

(5) Pupils must remain seated keeping aisles and exits clear.

(6) Pupils must observe classroom conduct, or the bus conduct established by administrators and transportation personnel, and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.

(7) Pupils must not use profane language.

(8) Pupils must refrain from eating and drinking on the bus except as required for medical reasons or as permitted by the school district for non-routine trips during which the pupils on the bus shall be supervised by a chaperone(s) as described in rule 3301-83-16 of the Administrative Code, a school administrator or school personnel.

(9) Pupils must not use nicotine products on the bus.

(10) Pupils must not have alcohol or drugs in their possession on the bus except for prescription medication required for a student.

(11) Pupils must not throw or pass objects on, from or into the bus.

(12) Pupils may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps. Any objects that cannot be held must comply with the requirements set forth in paragraph (H) of rule 3301-83-20 of the Administrative Code.

(13) Pupils must leave or board the bus at locations to which they have been assigned unless they have parental and administrative authorization to do otherwise.

(14) Pupils must not put head or arms out of the bus windows.

(15) Guidelines will be formulated for the use and storage of equipment and other means of assistance required by preschool and special needs children.

(16) Drivers and bus aides must have access to appropriate information about the child to the degree that such information might affect safe transportation and medical well-being. This information must be readily accessible in the transportation office. All such information is strictly confidential.

(D) Suspension, expulsion or immediate removal from bus

(1) The superintendent or superintendent designees, or principals are authorized to suspend or remove pupils from school bus riding privileges in accordance with section 3327.014 of the Revised Code.

(2) Immediate removal of a pupil from transportation is authorized. A pupil immediately removed from transportation must be given notice as soon as practicable of a hearing which must be held within seventy-two hours of the removal. The notice shall also include the reason for removal. Immediate removal is authorized when the pupil's presence poses a danger to persons or property or a threat to the safe operation of the school bus. Length of time removed from ridership shall be in accordance with policies of the school bus owner.

(3) School bus drivers shall report in writing to the appropriate administrator all rule violations or conduct that justify immediate removal, suspension or expulsion.

(4) Suspension or immediate removal of preschool and special needs children may require a modification of the above procedures and shall be accomplished in accordance with the law.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3301.07, 3327.01, 4511.76
Amplifies: 3327.01, 4511.76
Five Year Review Date: 3/26/2025
Prior Effective Dates: 9/1/1970, 10/22/1984, 7/1/1991, 10/5/1998, 10/1/2004, 3/25/2010