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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3333-1-65.1 | Notice to students regarding program opportunities and program requirements.


(A) Secondary schools

(1) Annual notice to students

(a) Each secondary school shall issue a notice, prior to February first of each year, providing information about the college credit plus program to students and parents through multiple and easily accessible resources, including, but not limited to, the following:

(i) The schools website;

(ii) Written communications including those generally distributed to students e.g., course offerings;

(iii) Student assemblies;

(iv) Joint communication events with postsecondary institutions.

(b) The notice shall include the following information:

(i) Costs:

(a) Notice of college credit plus opportunities that have no cost to students, including the free option to attend public institutions of higher education;

(b) Clear references to the potential cost of participation with a nonpublic institution of higher education;

(c) The prohibition of charging economically disadvantaged students who choose to attend a nonpublic institution of higher education;

(d) Nonpublic secondary schools must include an explanation that funding and participation may be limited for its students.

(ii) Criteria for student participation, including, but not limited to, the following:

(a) The requirement for a counseling session prior to participation pursuant to division (B) of section 3365.04 of the Revised Code.

(b) A notice that states: "Students must submit a written notice of their intent to participate in the upcoming academic year, by April first, in accordance with section 3365.03 of the Revised Code, but may submit the written notice of intent to participate as early as February fifteenth. Students desiring to participate in college credit plus in the summer are strongly encouraged to submit letters of intent and begin the admissions process starting in February and prior to the April first notice of intent deadline in order to improve chances of meeting summer registration timelines."

Secondary schools must include the intent to participate form as part of the informational session pursuant to division (D) section 3365.04 of the Revised Code.

(iii) Student participation options:

(a) A statement that secondary schools cannot limit a students participation in the college credit plus program to only the courses offered in that school and that students may also participate on-line or at any other participating institution of higher education, or any combination thereof.

(b) A statement that participating students may be concurrently enrolled in multiple postsecondary institutions and may take postsecondary courses from more than one institution of higher education, concurrently.

(c) List of courses offered at the secondary school through an agreement with an institution of higher education.

(d) A statement that students should review the course catalog of an institution of higher education for a full listing of course offerings by the institution.

(e) Specific information regarding a students option to participate in the college credit plus program, at the high school-if applicable-, online, or at an institution of higher education, shall be made part of all communications developed by the secondary school to promote the college credit plus program.

(f) Specific information pertaining to the students opportunity to participate during the summer term and for any student participating in a summer term that transfers to a new secondary school, the responsibility of the student to notify the institution of higher education and the students prior and new secondary school of such transfer.

(g) Information communicated regarding a students option to participate in accordance with paragraphs (A)(1)(b)(i) and (A)(1)(b)(ii) of this rule, shall also include notice to the student of all deadlines pertinent to the students participation; including all deadlines associated with summer term participation.

(iv) The designated point of contact at the secondary school for its college credit plus program who can answer questions of students and parents and the community regarding the programs operation and who will act as a liaison to the state of Ohio to monitor future changes or amendments to the program.

If a nonpublic secondary school with a student receiving funding under the program was not able to comply with the annual notice requirement due to the timing of the election of the students participation in the program, it shall comply with the annual notice requirement the following academic year.

(2) Annual informational session scheduled between the first day of October and the fifteenth day of February.

In satisfying the required annual informational session with partnering colleges within thirty miles of the school, multiple high schools within a district and multiple districts may participate together in a combined event, as long as in each instance parents and students have an opportunity to interact with a representative of and receive information from each participating postsecondary and their secondary school, so they will understand their college credit plus opportunities.

A secondary school may incorporate the counseling session pursuant to division (B) section 3365.04 of the Revised Code into the annual informational session provided the secondary school makes alternate dates available for those unable to attend the annual informational session.

(B) Institutions of higher education

(1) Notice of the institutions participation in the college credit plus program and criteria for student participation in the program shall be posted on the institutions website and in all general material and other media the institution uses to advertise participation in postsecondary opportunities to secondary school students. The posting must include the following:

(a) The courses offered at secondary schools;

(b) A link to where students can get information regarding academic program requirements;

(c) The criteria for student admission;

(d) The timeline for student application submission; and

(e) The timeline for course registration for summer, fall and spring terms.

(2) A partnering college shall coordinate with each partnering secondary school within thirty miles of the institution or the nearest partnering school if there are no partnering schools within thirty miles to present an informational session for interested students and parents. The institution of higher education shall provide a staff representative who is able to answer questions regarding admission standards and procedures as well as program and degree requirements.

(3) Out of state institutions of higher education are exempt from the notice and informational session requirements of this rule.

(C) Participants

(1) Students will inform the secondary school of their intention to participate by completing the intent to participate form by April first annually.

(2) The student will inform the college of the election of division (A) or (B) of section 3365.04 of the Revised Code. If the student elects division (A) of that section, the student will inform the high school of the decision to choose high school credit and college credit or only college credit. The final date allowable to change the election of division (A) or (B) of that section is on or before the colleges census date.

Last updated October 6, 2023 at 1:56 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3365.02
Amplifies: 3365.04, 3365.05
Five Year Review Date: 5/10/2026
Prior Effective Dates: 2/17/2015, 2/21/2016