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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3341-6-42 | Space and facilities reservation including use of campus grounds.


(A) Policy statement and purpose

The university reserves the right to determine the time, place and manner of use of space and facilities so as not to interfere with the mission and regular operation of the institution. To this end, no university student organizations or campus departments may hold events beginning at five p.m. the Friday before each week of final exams through the end of the final exam period. The use of university facilities and grounds must at all times conform to the following regulations and to local, state and federal laws. The policy applies to both faculty and administrative staff as well.

(B) Policy

Campus grounds use

(1) Registered student organizations, departments, or groups outside the university desiring to use campus grounds must submit a request for approval to the conference and event services (C&ES) located in #231 Bowen-Thompson student union , 419-372-9000. Requests for use of designated campus grounds must be made to C&ES at least ten university working days before the requested date of use.

(2) During each fall and spring semester, registered student organizations may also reserve campus grounds located adjacent to residence halls or small group living units directly with the office of residence life, and intramural fields directly with the department of recreation and wellness through requests to the Perry field house.

(3) Selected grounds areas (other than those described in this rule) are available for activities that are sponsored and approved by university departments and registered student organizations. Academic use by departments and colleges has priority, and assignments may be changed or canceled if conflicts with regular academic programs develop. Grounds adjacent to academic buildings are not normally reserved when classes are in session, or if the activity taking place will disrupt academic or other operations of the university.

(4) The director of the Bowen-Thompson student union or a designee will review all applications for grounds use, except for those listed above in paragraph (B)(2) of this rule. If necessary, the director of the Bowen-Thompson student union or a designee will meet with or contact the representative of the organization applying for use of campus grounds to resolve any questions concerning the request, and to determine the propriety of the particular use.

(5) In reviewing grounds-use applications, only grounds-use requests which are consistent with applicable university regulations as well as local, state and federal laws will be approved.

(6) When the application for grounds use is granted, it shall specify the boundaries of the areas to be used, the date for which the use is approved, the time at which the reservation for the use expires, and any special provisions concerning the use of the space.

(7) Registered student organizations, departments, as well as groups outside the university which are granted the use of specified campus grounds are subject to the following requirements:

(a) Use of amplification equipment must be in accordance with regulations as stated in the sound amplification policy.

(b) No structure may be erected on campus grounds without prior written approval. The approval must be secured at the time the activity is registered. See paragraph (C) of this rule; use of temporary structures.

(c) The failure of a registered student organization or department to provide the C&ES office with notice of cancellation of a proposed activity or event at least two university working days prior to the scheduled activity or event may result in the denial of a future permit for use, unless the cancellation is necessitated by events reasonably beyond the control of the registered student organization or department.

(C) Use of temporary structures

The use of temporary structures on university grounds are by permission only with the prior approval of the director of the Bowen-Thompson student union or designee.

(1) Temporary structures of any type may have no more than three closed sides.

(2) Generators, space heaters, cooking equipment, or any other appliances cannot be used in temporary structures.

(3) Temporary structures must comply with all state of Ohio codes.

(4) Personal property in a temporary structure must be attended to at all times as the university will not be held responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items.

(5) Registered student organizations, departments, or groups outside the university may use university utilities and facilities only with prior approval.

(D) Appeals of space and grounds-use request denials

(1) If a registered student organizations or departments request(s) for the use of campus grounds and/or academic or nonacademic facilities are denied, they may appeal to the office of student affairs or the designee of that office as follows:

(a) A written appeal describing the objections to the denial must be filed no later than five university working days after receipt of notice of the denial. Notice of the appeal will be provided to the office which denied the request.

(b) The dean of students shall convey the appeal decision, in writing, to the registered student organization or department with a copy of the decision being provided to the office which denied the request.

(2) Registered student organizations or departments may not appeal beyond the dean of students.

Date: July 1, 2014

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