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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3342-4-04.1 | Administrative policy regarding use and possession of alcoholic beverages by students.


(A) Purpose. In accordance with the university alcoholic beverage policy, the following administrative policy applies to the use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages by students.

(B) Definition. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions shall apply:

(1) Alcoholic beverage. "Alcoholic beverage" as used in this chapter refers to the liquids and compounds referred to and defined in section 4301.01 of the Revised Code as amended, including, but not limited to, "intoxicating liquor," "alcohol," "beer," "wine," "mixed beverages," and "spirituous liquor."

(2) Licensed areas. Campus facilities or areas within facilities where the use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages is permitted consistent with Ohio department of commerce permits obtained for those areas. The distribution of alcoholic beverages in these areas are managed by dining services and may be requested through dining services catering.

(3) Unlicensed areas. Those areas not covered by ongoing permits often including outdoor or residence hall areas. These areas may require a temporary permit, referred to as a F-permit through the Ohio department of commerce. F-permits are limited to the distribution of beer only.

(C) Scope and manner. Alcoholic beverages may be used only in the following locations and manner.

(1) Licensed areas. Individual consumption of alcoholic beverages in licensed areas is permitted consistent with Ohio department of commerce permits obtained for those areas. All applications for Ohio department of commerce permits for licensed areas must be approved by the senior vice president for finance and administration or designee.

(2) Residence halls. Individual consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages in residence hall rooms must be consistent with state law, residence hall policy outlined in the residence hall student handbook, and in accordance with the following guidelines.

(a) The use of alcoholic beverages in the university residence halls is based on the belief that if students are to learn responsibility, respect the law and rights of their fellow community members, they must be given a realistic opportunity to do so. Encouraging the development of self-discipline and individual responsibility in a group living situation is particularly important in a society characterized by continually changing mores and values.

(b) Residence hall staff members will work with students to make ongoing efforts to address and educate on the potential negative outcomes for students and community when alcohol is used illegally and/or irresponsibly.

(i) Prohibitions.

(a) The consuming and dispensing of alcoholic beverages in public lounges, recreation rooms or other public areas in a residence hall is prohibited unless such areas are designated by the executive director of residence services or designee as places suitable for social events where beer may be served.

(b) The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in open containers is prohibited in areas other than those designated in residence halls.

(c) The consumption of alcoholic beverages is restricted to the designated areas of residence units.

(d) The illegal use, possession, and distribution of alcoholic beverages and/or disorderly conduct due to inebriation are violations that will result in disciplinary action. Any individual involved with the sale or consignment of alcoholic beverages to minors is engaged in illegal activity and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

(3) Group functions. For events held in a licensed area, the distribution of alcoholic beverages is managed by university dining services. For events held outside of licensed areas, the sponsoring group is required to obtain an F-permit and is limited to distributing beer only at group functions must be consistent with the state and local laws as well as university regulations and must be registered with the office of campus life center for student involvement.

(a) The organization must require identification and proof of age before serving beer; only those twenty-one and above can be permitted to consume beer.

(b) Service and sale of beer ceases at one a.m., or at the time designated on the alcohol waiver (at least one hour before the end of the event).

(c) No beer may leave the registered event location.

(d) Room capacity of the registered event location must be adequate in regard to expected attendance; only public areas of the hall or dining area may be utilized. The organization will be responsible for damage and breakage of university property or violations of state and/or university regulations.

(e) Soft drinks, water, juice or other non-alcoholic beverages and substantial food must be provided. Substantial food includes light sandwiches, dips, meats, cheeses, and pizza. Avoid salty items like chips and popcorn. Solid foods high in protein help reduce the effects of alcohol.

(f) Only university students, faculty, staff and their guests may be admitted.

(D) Violation. Violation of university policy, regulations or state law subjects the violator to civil prosecution and/or university disciplinary action.

(1) Use, possession, and distribution of alcoholic beverages in academic/administrative buildings is prohibited unless specifically approved by the president or designee.

(2) The transportation of alcoholic beverages in open containers anywhere by any means on the campuses of the university is prohibited.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3341.04
Amplifies: 3341.01, 3341.04
Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/1977, 10/5/1979, 4/30/1982, 10/18/1982, 10/14/1992, 9/17/1993, 5/24/1995, 9/26/2005, 6/1/2007, 3/1/2015