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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3349-7-01 | Definitions.


(A) Purpose

To promote clarity in the university's human resources rules.

(B) Scope

The definitions set forth in this rule have applicability to all university rules, unless an alternative definition is specified within the rule for specific application to the issue being addressed.

(C) Definitions

(1) "Appointing Authority" refers to the person who has the power to appoint or remove an employee from a given position within the university based on a delegation of authority by the university's board of trustees pursuant to the powers granted to the board of trustees by division (F) of section 124.14 of the Revised Code. For unclassified hourly employees and for classified civil service employees of the university, the appointing authority is the director of human resources. For administrative staff, the appointing authority is the division director in which a given department or other organizational unit is located. For faculty, the appointing authority is the dean of the respective college.

(2) "Board of Trustees" ("Board") is established by section 3350.10 of the Revised Code and derives its power to govern from section 3350.12 of the Revised Code. The board is the governing body for the university and all its component colleges.

(3) "Break in Service" is a separation from public service of thirty-one days or more. Any university approved leave of absence, or any separation from service which carries the right to reinstatement, or reemployment shall not constitute a break in service; so long as the employee is reinstated or reemployed within the allowable time. The time the employee was on leave of absence or was separated shall not be counted in the calculation of retention points for continuous service.

(4) "College" means an academic unit headed by a chairperson or director.

(5) "Continuous Service" means service with a state of Ohio agency, an Ohio county office, or a state of Ohio supported college or university without a break in service.

(6) "Day(s)" mean calendar days, unless otherwise specified.

(7) "Dean" means the chief academic unit headed by a chairperson or director.

(8) "Department" means an academic unit headed by a chairperson or director.

(9) "Educational Records" means those records, files, documents and other materials which contain information directly related to a student and are maintained by a college, school, department, office or other university organization, subdivision or by a person acting for the university or any of its subdivisions.

(10) "Full-Time Employee" is an employee whose regular hours of duty total eighty hours in a bi-weekly pay period.

(11) "Immediate Supervisor" is the person who directs or oversees the work of another.

(12) "Normal Working Hours" are established from eight a.m. to five p.m. unless otherwise directed by the immediate supervisor.

(13) "Part-Time Employee" is an employee whose regular hours of duty are less than the eighty hours in a bi-weekly pay period.

(14) "Persona Non Grata" means that a nonstudent has exhibited behavior which has been deemed detrimental to the university community and thus is no longer permitted to frequent or be present in any or specified university locations.

(15) "President" means the president of the university.

(16) "Rootstown Campus" includes all of the real property, buildings and equipment owned by or for the benefit of the university that are located in Rootstown township, Portage county, Ohio.

(17) "Senior Administration" or "Leadership Team" are those individuals so designated by the president.

(18) "Student" means any person admitted or enrolled at the university in any of its courses or programs.

(19) "University" is the state supported higher education entity organized under the authority created by section 3350.10 of the Revised Code.

(D) Rule statement

(1) Words have their ordinary and widely accepted meaning unless the word or phrase has been assigned a specific meaning in federal laws and regulations, the Revised Code, the Administrative Code or university rule.

(2) The university hereby adopts the definitions set forth in federal laws and regulations, the Revised Code and the Administrative Code, as it applies to the university, as may be amended from time to time, unless the university has specifically adopted another definition for the term within this rule or any other rule of the university. This rule and each specific rule of the university should be consulted as necessary to determine if the university has given the word or phrase specific meaning.

(3) The administration of the university is hereby delegated the authority to amend these definitions as necessary to the further purpose, goals and mission of the university.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 111.15
Amplifies: 111.15