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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3358:5-5-05 | Employee recognition and rewards policy.


(A) Recognizing employees contributions to the success of the college is a core value of Clark state community college. As such, our "Employee Recognition and Rewards Policy" provides an avenue to recognize individuals and groups/teams for their contributions to the overall success of the college, the students we educate, and for their positive impact on the communities we serve. This policy is designed to promote individual/team spirit and unity of purpose within the college based on shared achievement and meeting organizational goals. This noteworthy recognition is for those contributions made beyond those acknowledged during the annual/periodic performance management process.

(B) This policy applies to all regular employees (staff and instructional faculty) and adjunct faculty. Executive cabinet members are not eligible for recognition under the provisions of this policy.

(C) This policy seeks to recognize deserving staff, instructional faculty, and adjunct faculty members with performance recognition and monetary awards during the annual charter night recognition event or any other time deemed appropriate by the president. This policy includes but is not limited to the:

(1) "Staff professional excellence for outstanding service (for regular staff members)

(2) "Faculty Professional Excellence Award"

(3) Adjunct faculty professional excellence award

(D) This policy shall be administered as set forth in the associated procedures established by the president or his/her designee.

(E) The office of human resources shall be assigned the responsibility of developing, implementing, and maintaining the employee recognition and rewards program.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3358
Amplifies: 3358
Prior Effective Dates: 6/15/1982, 2/4/1988, 12/23/1989, 3/23/1990, 7/1/1998, 1/6/2003, 10/24/2006, 12/8/2010, 3/18/2015