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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 3362-4-44 | On campus education benefits for adjunct faculty.


(A) Purpose

Shawnee state university waives certain on-campus education costs as a means of encouraging adjunct faculty to further their education in accordance with the terms of this rule. On-campus education benefits are consistent with higher education industry standards and are an important component of the university's overall benefit program provided to employees.

(B) On-campus education benefits

(1) The on-campus education benefit applies to any adjunct faculty member who has taught at least nine semester credits within the immediately previous four complete fiscal years and is an adjunct faculty member during the fiscal year in which he or she elects to take a course.

(2) An adjunct faculty member is entitled to a tuition waiver for one course per term, "one course" being a single class for credit and carrying five or fewer credit hours.

(a) The university waives undergraduate instructional, technology, and general fees. Where applicable, out-of-state fees are waived.

(b) The benefit does not cover the costs of special fees such as course fees, program fees, lab fees, bond fees, late payment fees, or other fees which in the sole discretion of the university are determined to be dissimilar to instructional, technology, and general fees. These costs are the responsibility of the employee.

(C) Requirements and limitations

(1) The adjunct faculty member may enroll in undergraduate courses during the regular registration process, and no special provisions will be made for them to enroll in a course. Such enrollees will not be counted in determining minimum class size requirements, nor will additional sections be added to accommodate them.

(2) Programs or courses which have special admission requirements or class size limitations will be available to such enrollees in the same way they are available to the student body, and enrollees will be required to compete for admission into these programs or courses with other student applicants.

(3) Any adjunct faculty member desiring to take a Shawnee state university undergraduate course under this rule shall obtain and complete all necessary and required forms according to university policies and timetables. Forms are available on the financial aid webpage.

(4) At least one week prior to early registration, an adjunct faculty member should submit their tuition waiver benefit form to their division chairperson or dean for approval. Upon receipt of approval from the supervisor and verification of eligibility by the human resources department, the form will be sent to the financial aid office for final processing.

(5) No adjunct faculty member will be entitled to on-campus education benefits, nor will the university be required to pay for any classes that have already been taken by the adjunct faculty member and failed, or otherwise not successfully completed by the adjunct faculty member unless the university determines in its sole discretion that the failure or unsuccessful completion was the result of extenuating circumstances.

(D) Non-credit courses

Non-credit courses are generally not eligible for waiver under this rule. However, if completion of a non-credit course is recommended by an adjunct instructor's supervisor, and the supervisor determines that the course directly relates to and enhances the employee's skills and ability to perform assigned duties and aids in the department's overall performance, the cost for such course may be paid fully by the adjunct instructor's department.

Last updated January 30, 2023 at 8:40 AM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 111.15
Amplifies: 3362.03
Prior Effective Dates: 9/4/2007, 2/18/2019