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Rule 3770:2-5-03 | Technology providers licenses; application review process.


(A) Application review process. Upon receiving an application, the director shall review the application to determine if the applicant meets the requirements of the Lottery Act and the commission's rules and regulations pertaining to video lottery. The following factors may be considered during the application review process for determining whether an application for a technology provider license shall be granted or denied.

(1) The financial responsibility and security of the applicant, including the extent to which an applicant has demonstrated its ability to manufacturer, distribute or provide video lottery terminals and/or video lottery games;

(2) The results of any background checks;

(3) Whether an applicant has failed to comply with a commission rule, regulation, policy, directive or order;

(4) Whether an applicant has failed to comply with another jurisdiction's lottery or gaming laws, rules, regulations, policies directives or orders;

(5) Whether the applicant or persons who will be involved in the applicant's business is affiliated with a technology provider or video lottery sales agent to be engaged in the operation of video lottery in the state, and if so affiliated, the nature of the affiliation;

(6) The extent to which the applicant has cooperated with the commission in the application process including but not limited to cooperation with criminal and financial background checks and reviews;

(7) Any other information that the director deems relevant to a determination regarding the applicant's ability to offer video lottery games for sale in accordance with the Lottery Act, rules, regulations, policies, directives and orders adopted, promulgated or issued by the commission or the director pertaining to video lottery gaming operations.

(B) Consideration of certification and/or licensure from other jurisdictions. If an applicant has been certified and/or licensed by another state lottery for the operation of video lottery, or another United States gaming jurisdiction, the director may, but is not required to, consider and rely upon any such certification and/or licensure.

Last updated March 5, 2024 at 1:46 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3770.03
Amplifies: 3770.03, 3770.21
Five Year Review Date: 2/27/2029