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Rule 3770:2-5-04 | Technology providers licenses; issuance of license.


(A) Issuance of license. If after a review of an application and consideration of factors deemed relevant to the efficient and proper administration of video lottery, and provided that the director determines that an applicant has met the requirements for issuance of a technology provider license, the director may license an applicant as a technology provider on such terms and conditions, and for such length of time, deemed appropriate, including issuance of a temporary license.

(B) Licensing fee. No technology provider license shall be issued until any required licensing fee is submitted in the amount set forth in rules promulgated by the commission under Chapter 3770:2-11 of the Administrative Code.

(C) Non-transferability of license. A technology provider license is not transferable. If ownership or majority control of the technology provider changes, unless the director determines that a new application is not required, the new owner may apply to the director for a license pursuant to applicable rules and regulations.

(D) Approval of video lottery games and terminals. Video lottery games provided by or sold by and video lottery terminals provided by or sold by a technology provider licensee to a licensed video lottery sales agent must be approved by the director, commission or commissioners, as applicable.

(E) Authority to sell. A technology provider license, once issued, authorizes the sale of video lottery games and video lottery terminals to licensed video lottery sales agents to be installed and operated in accordance with application provisions of the Lottery Act, all rules regulations, policies and directives of the commission or director.

(F) Compliance with the Lottery Act. Upon issuance of a technology provider license, a licensee shall be obligated to comply with the applicable provisions of the Lottery Act, all rules, regulations, policies and directives of the commission or director and all terms and conditions of the license as set forth in the application, or any amendments or modifications thereto. Failure to comply with any and all obligations required of a licensee may subject the license to suspension or revocation as set forth in rule 3770:2-5-06 of the Administrative Code, or to imposition of monetary penalties as set forth in rule 3770:2-5-07 of the Administrative Code. A temporary license, if issued, does not guarantee the issuance of a technology provider license and may be suspended or revoked at any time and for any reason without further notice and opportunity to be heard.

(G) Number of licenses. There shall be no limit on the number of technology provider licenses issued.

Last updated March 5, 2024 at 1:46 PM

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 3770.03
Amplifies: 3770.03, 3770.21
Five Year Review Date: 2/27/2029