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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4703-1-04 | Fees.


(A) Application fee - the fee for making application for registration under section 4703.07 of the Revised Code is fifty dollars.

(B) Certificate fee - the fee for a duplicate certificate of qualification to practice architecture is twenty dollars. The fee for a duplicate renewal card is ten dollars.

(C) Renewal fee - the biennial renewal fee for a certificate of qualification is one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

(D) Penalty fee - the penalty fee is twenty-five per cent per renewal period and shall be applied to late renewals and restorations, provided the maximum fee does not exceed one thousand dollars.

(E) Reciprocal registration fee - the fee for reciprocal registration under section 4703.08 of the Revised Code shall be two hundred fifty dollars.

(F) Certificate of authorization fees - the application fee for a certificate of authorization is one hundred twenty-five dollars. The renewal fee for a certificate of authorization is one hundred dollars.

(G) Returned check fee - the fee for checks or other instruments returned to the board by financial institutions due to insufficient funds shall be thirty-five dollars.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4703.02
Amplifies: 4703.15, 4703.16
Five Year Review Date: 10/31/2019
Prior Effective Dates: 6/25/1990, 4/15/1992, 11/1/1994, 12/1/1995, 6/5/2000, 4/15/2001, 7/29/2005, 11/18/2005, 9/5/2008, 11/9/2009, 6/19/2010