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Rule 4713-19-02 | Definitions.


As used in Chapter 4713-19 of the Administrative Code:

(A) A "certified operator" means an employee of a tanning facility who has successfully completed and successfully passed, with a minimum score of seventy-five per cent, a board-approved training course and holds a board-approved tanning operator certificate.

(B) "Chemical tanning" means the application of chemicals to the skin to provide a tanned appearance without exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and includes chemical applications commonly referred to as spray-on, mist-on, or sunless tans.

(C) "Chemical tanning booth" means an automated, electronic product that applies chemicals to the skin to provide a tanned appearance without exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

(D) "Chemical airbrush" means an air-operated tool used by an individual to apply chemicals to the skin to provide a tanned appearance without exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

(E) "Consumer" or "individual" means any member of the public who is seeking to use a tanning facility in exchange for a fee or other compensation;

(F) "Formal training" means a course of instruction approved by the board that is conducted or presented in person, via internet, or through a correspondence course by a company employing persons possessing adequate knowledge and experience to offer a curriculum, associated training and certification testing pertaining to and associated with the correct use of sunlamp products. Training shall cover ultraviolet radiation and effects on the skin, photosensitivity, skin typing, FDA and state regulations, eye protection, and equipment maintenance.

(G) "Other compensation" means the payment or exchange of goods, services, or anything of value for use of the tanning facility or facilities, including afforded use as a condition or benefit of membership or access;

(H) "Sunlamp product" means any electronic product designed to incorporate one or more ultraviolet lamps and intended for irradiation of any part of the living human body, by ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths in air between two hundred and four hundred nanometers, to induce skin tanning. The term sunlamp product includes within its definition the terms "tanning booth" or "tanning bed."

(1) "Tanning Booth" means a sunlamp product in which an individual stands.

(2) "Tanning Bed" means a sunlamp product in which an individual reclines.

(I) "Ultraviolet radiation" for purposes of this chapter includes UVA (ultraviolet A), UVB (ultraviolet B), and UVC (ultraviolet C).

(J) "Tanning operator certificate" means a certificate issued by an authorized provider to each person who successfully completes a formal training course. A tanning operator certificate is valid for four years from the date of issuance.

(K) "Visible light" means the application of light rays in the visible spectrum to the skin for cosmetic purposes.

(L) "Skin typing" means a numerical classification of skin to determine the length of exposure to UVA and UVB lights.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4713.08 (A)(20), 4713.08 (A)(17)
Amplifies: 4713.01, 4713.50, 4713.49, 4713.48
Five Year Review Date: 2/16/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 12/17/1989, 1/26/1997, 8/1/1999, 4/1/2001, 1/17/2002, 11/1/2013, 10/10/2015