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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4741-1-04 | Examination.


To apply for licensure as a veterinarian, the applicant shall be of good moral character and must:


(A) Complete an application prescribed by the board;

(B) Provide proof of graduation from a veterinary college approved by the state veterinary medical licensing board or accredited by the American veterinary medical association or has been issued a certificate on or after May 1, 1987, by the education commission for foreign veterinary graduates of the American veterinary medical association or by the program for the assessment of veterinary education equivalence of the American association of veterinary state boards.

(C) Have achieved a score of at least seventy-five on both the "National Board of Veterinary Medicine" examination and the "Clinical competency test" or on the "North American veterinary licensing examination" to be eligible for licensure. There is no restriction on the number of times an applicant may take the aforementioned examination, but must apply for a subsequent examination and pay the processing fee each time they apply.

(D) Submit to a criminal records check in accordance with section 4741.10 of the Revised Code within a year of requesting licensure. The criminal records check must be completed by the bureau of criminal identification and investigation in which the results indicate that the individual has not been convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or had a judicial finding of guilty for any violation set forth in section 4741.22 of the Revised Code.

(1) An applicant requesting a criminal records check shall provide the bureau of criminal identification and investigation with the applicant's name and address and with the Ohio veterinary medical licensing board name and address.

(2) The applicant shall ask the superintendent of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation in the request to obtain from the federal bureau of investigation any information it has pertaining to the applicant.

(E) Submit to the board the applicable licensure fee as set forth in section 4741.17 of the Revised Code.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4741.03, 4741.11
Amplifies: 4741.11
Five Year Review Date: 3/4/2024
Prior Effective Dates: 3/30/1979, 5/7/1985, 5/31/2001, 11/15/2007, 4/28/2008, 10/15/2009, 7/15/2014