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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 4906-3-14 | Preconstruction requirements.


(A) Prior to commencement of any construction activities, the applicant shall inform affected property owners and tenants of the nature of the project, specific contact information of applicant personnel who are familiar with the project, the proposed schedule for project construction and restoration activities, and a complaint resolution process. Notification to affected property owners and tenants shall be given at least seven days prior to work on the affected property.

(B) Prior to commencement of any construction activities, the applicant shall conduct a preconstruction conference. Staff, the applicant, and representatives of the prime contractor and all subcontractors for the project shall attend the preconstruction conference. The conference shall include a presentation of the measures to be taken by the applicant and contractors to ensure compliance with the certificate, and discussion of the procedures for on-site investigations by staff during construction. Prior to the conference, the applicant shall provide a proposed conference agenda to staff. The applicant may conduct separate preconstruction conference for each stage of construction.

(C) At least thirty days prior to the preconstruction conference, the applicant shall submit to staff one set of detailed engineering drawings of the final project design, including associated facilities and construction access plans. The engineering drawings shall be at least as detailed and complete, so that staff can determine that the final project design is in compliance with the certificate. The final project layout shall be provided in hard copy and as geographically-referenced electronic data. The drawings shall include references at the locations where the applicant and/or its contractors must adhere to a specific avoidance or mitigation measure in order to comply with the certificate.

(D) Prior to construction of any electric generation project or associated facilities, the applicant shall provide to staff a letter stating that an interconnection service agreement has been signed or shall submit a copy of a signed interconnection service agreement.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 4906.03, 4906.20
Amplifies: 4906.03, 4906.10, 4906.13, 4906.20
Five Year Review Date: 11/25/2021