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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:1-17-01 | General requirements.


(A) No person shall move or import any animal into the state of Ohio unless that animal meets the rules of this chapter and all applicable federal laws or is otherwise exempt.

(B) Animals imported in violation of the rules of this chapter shall be quarantined and be brought into compliance with the applicable requirements of these rules at the owner's expense. Pursuant to Chapter 941. of the Revised Code, if the animals cannot or are not, for any reason, brought into compliance the department may order the animal returned to the place of origin, delivered to slaughter, or destroyed at the owner's expense.

(C) Imported animals shall be healthy and free of symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases and residues. They shall not have been recently exposed to any contagious or infectious diseases and shall not originate from a herd, flock, or area under quarantine.

(D) As required by the rules of this chapter, certificates of veterinary inspection, USDA national poultry improvement plan, veterinary service 9-3 forms, permits, and/or permit numbers shall be in the possession of the person in charge of the animal during movement.


A copy of a certificate of veterinary inspection must be forwarded to the "Chief, Division of Animal Health, 8995 E. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068" within seven days of issuance.

The certificate shall be void thirty days after inspection and issuance unless specifically waived or extended time is granted by a permit from the department.

(F) When the purpose of importation is for a sale assembly, the sale management will provide an approved veterinarian to do the following:

(1) Examine the certificate of veterinary inspection of each animal brought to the sale;

(2) Inspect within a reasonable time of arrival each animal brought to the sale for symptoms of any infectious or contagious diseases; and

(3) Daily inspect each animal present at the sale for symptoms of infectious or contagious disease.

(G) Individuals wishing to import animals that do not meet the rules of this chapter may apply to the department for an entry permit. Applications for permits shall be made to the "Chief, Division of Animal Health, 8995 E. Main Street, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068," telephone 614-728-6220. Such applications shall include the number and species of animals, identification numbers, the origin and date of shipments, consignee, the purpose of the importation, and shall include the age and sex. All animals entering Ohio under a permit are subject to quarantine and inspection on arrival at destination.

If at any time the conditions of a permit are violated by the holder and would endanger the health of other animals in the state of Ohio, the chief may suspend such permit and refuse to issue any future permit.

Supplemental Information

Authorized By: 941.10
Amplifies: 941.02, 941.041, 941.07, 941.09
Five Year Review Date: 2/12/2023
Prior Effective Dates: 12/2/1972, 2/26/1996, 3/19/1999, 5/19/2011, 12/1/2011