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This website publishes administrative rules on their effective dates, as designated by the adopting state agencies, colleges, and universities.

Rule 901:1-5-02 | Definition of "official brucellosis vaccinate".


(A) "Official brucellosis calfhood vaccinate" means a female bovine or bison animal:

(1) To which an approved brucella biologic was administered by a licensed accredited veterinarian, an employee of the department or a veterinary services representative, United States department of agriculture, in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations when the animal was:

(a) Not less than one hundred twenty days of age nor more than one hundred eighty days of age for dairy breeds; or

(b) Not less than one hundred twenty days nor more than two hundred forty days for beef breeds; or

(2) Which is listed as an official brucellosis calfhood vaccinated in the state or country of origin.

(3) Which does not meet the age requirements of paragraph (A)(1)(a) or (A)(1)(b) of this rule but is intended for interstate movement and meets the age requirement of the receiving state for official brucellosis calfhood vaccinates provided:

(a) The vaccination was done at a livestock auction or livestock concentration market; and

(b) The vaccination was done by a person meeting the requirements of paragraph (A)(1) of this rule; and

(c) The animal is moved to the receiving state within seven days of the date of vaccination.

All vaccinations done under authority of this paragraph must be reported to the department of agriculture by telephone on the next state business day. Any animals vaccinated in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph that are not shipped to the receiving state within seven days of the date of vaccination shall not be used for any purpose other than finish feeding to slaughter.

(B) Any licensed accredited veterinarian who administers an approved brucella biologic to any animal within the state of Ohio shall:

(1) Identify each animal with an individual identification in the right ear consisting of an official orange-colored vaccination eartag, an existing official eartag, or in the case of cattle registered with their respective breed association, by the registration identification; and

(2) Mark the right ear with a vaccination tattoo code consisting of three sections. The first section shall be an "R" designating the use of the RB51 brucella vaccine. The second section shall be the letter "V," enclosed in a shield, and the third shall be the last digit of the year in which the biologic is administered.

(C) Upon request and for good cause shown the director of agriculture may grant written permission to vaccinate animals not eligible for vaccination under paragraph (A)(1) or (A)(3) of this rule.

(D) No person shall administer, or permit the administration of, an approved brucella biologic to:

(1) A male bovine or bison animal: or

(2) Any female bovine or bison animal except as stipulated in paragraphs (A) and (C) of this rule.

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Authorized By:
Five Year Review Date:
Prior Effective Dates: 8/9/1968, 12/31/1989