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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Chapter 751 | Care Of Indigents And Orphans

Section 751.01 | Compensation for housing of indigents - housing certificates.

The legislative authority of any municipal corporation may authorize the fiscal officer of such municipal corporation to enter into agreements with the owners of premises in such municipal corporation occupied by one or more indigent persons upon the relief rolls of the municipal corporation, providing for compensation for the housing of such indigents through the issuance, in the manner provided by section 751.02 to 751.04, inclusive, of the Revised Code, of monthly housing certificates applicable to the payment of real estate taxes.

Section 751.02 | Monthly rental agreement - supplemental certificate.

The fiscal officer of a municipal corporation, to the extent that the monthly rental agreed upon between him and the owner of the premises occupied by indigent persons does not exceed one twelfth of the real estate taxes, exclusive of special assessments, standing charged on the current duplicate against such parcel for the year in which such rental accrues, may, monthly, issue a housing certificate to such owner for an amount not exceeding one twelfth of such taxes. Such certificate shall be nontransferable and shall be applicable to the payment of real estate taxes, exclusive of special assessments, only upon the premises occupied by indigent persons pursuant to such agreement.

To the extent that the monthly rental agreed upon between such fiscal officer and the owner of the premises exceeds the amount of the nontransferable housing certificate, such fiscal officer may issue a supplemental housing certificate monthly in an amount representing the difference between the agreed rental and the nontransferable housing certificate.

Such supplemental housing certificate shall be transferable and shall be applicable to the payment of real estate taxes, exclusive of special assessments, upon premises located within such municipal corporation.

No certificate issued under sections 751.01 to 751.04, inclusive, of the Revised Code, shall be receivable in payment of any special assessments.

Section 751.03 | County treasurer to receive certificate in payment of taxes - disposition of canceled and supplemental certificates.

The county treasurer shall, upon submission of a housing certificate or a supplementary housing certificate, issued under sections 751.01 to 751.04, inclusive, of the Revised Code, accept such certificate in full or partial payment as provided by such sections, of real estate taxes levied upon premises located within the municipal corporation issuing such certificates. The county treasurer shall distribute the canceled receipted housing certificates and supplemental housing certificates to the subdivision issuing them in the same manner as cash.

Section 751.04 | Legislative authority to make provision for housing certificates in tax budget.

Each housing certificate and supplemental housing certificate furnished as provided in sections 751.01 to 751.04, inclusive, of the Revised Code, shall be dated and shall be used for the payment of taxes on the duplicate for the year in which such certificates are issued and subsequent duplicates commencing with the 1938 duplicate. The legislative authority of a municipal corporation issuing housing certificates under such sections shall include within the tax budget each year provision for the obligations incurred and to be incurred by the issuance of such certificates and shall make due provision in the annual appropriation ordinance for such purposes.

Section 751.05 | Municipal infirmaries - management and control.

The management of the affairs of city infirmaries and the care of the inmates thereof, the erection and enlargement of infirmary buildings and additions thereto, the repair and furnishing thereof, the improvement of the grounds there with connected, and the granting of outdoor relief to the poor, shall be vested in the director of public safety.

Section 751.06 | Location of infirmary or pesthouse.

The infirmary or the pesthouse of a city may be located either inside or outside of the city limits, and the legislative authority may purchase and hold the necessary real estate on which to build it.

Section 751.07 | Regulations applicable to hospitals shall govern.

In the management of a city infirmary, in the care and treatment of the inmates thereof, and in the erection, enlargement, or repair of any building for infirmary purposes, or of any addition thereto, the director of public safety shall have the same powers, be governed by the same regulations, and perform the same duties, as far as applicable, as are vested in a board of hospital commissioners established under section 749.04 of the Revised Code in relation to municipal hospitals. The power of the legislative authority in relation thereto shall be the same, so far as applicable, as provided to the legislative authority by sections 749.01 to 749.34 of the Revised Code, in relation to hospitals.

Section 751.08 | Care of inmates - separation of sexes.

The director of public safety shall see that the inmates of a city infirmary are comfortably provided for and kindly treated, and he may provide for the care and support of the males and females in separate buildings, or in separate departments of the same building.

Section 751.09 | Appointment of overseers of the poor.

The legislative authority of the city shall provide by ordinance for the appointment by the director of public safety of such number of persons as is deemed necessary, not to exceed one in each ward, to act as overseers of the poor. The director shall prescribe the duties of such overseers as to the care of the poor and their removal, when necessary, to the infirmary, but such persons shall receive no compensation for their services.

Section 751.10 | Duties in case of partial relief.

Upon complaint being made or information given to the director of public safety that a person residing in the city requires public assistance or support, the director shall inquire into the condition and necessities of such person, and if satisfied that relief ought to be granted at public expense, and that the person requires temporary or partial relief only, and that for any cause it would not be prudent to remove him to the city infirmary, the director may afford relief, at the expense of the city, without such removal. The director has the same power of removing paupers settled in some other county in this state which is conferred on the board of county commissioners.

Section 751.11 | Duties of director of public safety in case of no legal settlement.

When an infirmary is erected and established in a city for the accommodation of its poor, the director of public safety shall not require the board of county commissioners to receive and provide for persons having no legal settlement within this state, or whose place of residence is unknown, or charge the board with the expense of providing for such persons in the city infirmary. Such director shall furnish relief and support to such persons in the city infirmary, applying therefor, the same as the board is required to do, and shall have the same power as the board to remove such persons to such other city infirmary or county home where the pauper's legal settlement is.

This section applies only to counties in which there is a county home and a city infirmary.