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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

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Misdemeanor Crimes
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Section 2937.37 | Levy on personal property in judgment against surety.

...A magistrate or court of record inferior to the court of common pleas may proceed to judgment against a surety on a recognizance, and levy on his personal property, notwithstanding that the bond may exceed the monetary limitations on the jurisdiction of such court in civil cases, and jurisdiction over the person of surety shall attach from the mailing of the notice specified in section 2937.36 of the Revised Code, n...

Section 2937.38 | Forfeiture of bail proceedings - minority no defense.

...In any matter in which a minor is admitted to bail pursuant to Chapter 2937. of the Revised Code, the minority of the accused shall not be available as a defense to judgment against principal or surety, or against the sale of securities or transfer of cash bail, upon forfeiture.

Section 2937.39 | Remitting all or part of penalty.

...After judgment has been rendered against surety or after securities sold or cash bail applied, the court or magistrate, on the appearance, surrender, or re-arrest of the accused on the charge, may remit all or such portion of the penalty as it deems just and in the case of previous application and transfer of cash or proceeds, the magistrate or clerk may deduct an amount equal to the amount so transferred from subseq...

Section 2937.40 | Discharge and release of bail and sureties.

...(A) Bail of any type that is deposited under section 2937.011 or sections 2937.22 to 2937.45 of the Revised Code by a person other than the accused shall be discharged and released, and sureties on recognizances shall be released, in any of the following ways: (1) When a surety on a recognizance or the depositor of cash or securities as bail for an accused desires to surrender the accused before the appearance date...

Section 2937.41 | Discharge of recognizance.

...On the discharge of bail, the magistrate or clerk of the court shall return, subject to division (B) or (C) of section 2937.40 of the Revised Code, deposited cash or securities to the depositor, but the magistrate or clerk of the court may require presentation of an issued original receipt as a condition to the return. In the case of discharged recognizances, subject to division (B) or (C) of section 2937.40 of the R...

Section 2937.42 | Defect in form of recognizance.

...Forfeiture of a recognizance shall not be barred or defeated or a judgment thereon reversed by the neglect or omission to note or record the default, or by a defect in the form of such recognizance, if it appears from the tenor thereof at what court the party or witness was bound to appear and that the court or officer before whom it was taken was authorized to require and take such recognizance.

Section 2937.43 | Issuance of warrant upon failure to appear.

...Should the accused fail to appear as required, after having been released pursuant to section 2937.29 of the Revised Code, the court having jurisdiction at the time of such failure may, in addition to any other action provided by law, issue a warrant for the arrest of such accused.

Section 2937.44 | Recognizance forms.

...Recognizances substantially in the forms following are sufficient: RECOGNIZANCE OF THE ACCUSED The State of Ohio, ____________________ County, ss: Be it remembered, that on the __________ day of __________, in the year __________ E.F. and G.H. personally appeared before me, and jointly and severally acknowledged themselves to owe the state of Ohio, the sum of __________ dollars, to be levied on their goods, chatte...

Section 2937.45 | Commitment forms.

...Commitments substantially in the forms following are sufficient: COMMITMENT AFTER EXAMINATION The State of Ohio, ____________________ County, ss: To the Keeper of the Jail of the County aforesaid, greeting: Whereas, E.F. has been arrested, on the oath of C.D., for (here describe the offense), and has been examined by me on such charge, and required to give bail in the sum of _______________ dollars for his appear...

Section 2937.46 | Uniform rules for practice and procedure in traffic cases.

...(A) The supreme court of Ohio, in the interest of uniformity of procedure in the various courts and for the purpose of promoting prompt and efficient disposition of cases arising under the traffic laws of this state and related ordinances, may make uniform rules for practice and procedure in courts inferior to the court of common pleas not inconsistent with the provisions of Chapter 2937. of the Revised Code, includ...

Section 2937.99 | Penalty.

...f the release was in connection with a misdemeanor charge or for appearance as a witness, failure to appear is a misdemeanor of the first degree. (D) This section does not apply to misdemeanors and related ordinance offenses arising under Chapters 4501., 4503., 4505., 4507., 4509., 4510., 4511., 4513., 4517., 4549., and 5577. of the Revised Code, except that this section does apply to violations of sections 4511.19...

Section 2938.01 | Trial - magistrate courts definitions.

...The definition of "magistrate" set forth in section 2931.01 of the Revised Code, and the definition of "peace officer," "prosecutor," and "offense" set forth in section 2935.01 of the Revised Code applies to Chapter 2938 of the Revised Code.

Section 2938.02 | Applicability of chapter.

...all apply to trial on the merits of any misdemeanor, ordinance offense, prosecution for the violation of any rule or regulation of any governmental body authorized to adopt penal regulations, or to complaints to keep the peace, which may be instituted in and retained for trial on the merits in any court or before any magistrate inferior to the court of common pleas; provided that in juvenile courts, where the conduct...

Section 2938.03 | Setting criminal cases for trial - continuances - assignment of judges.

...The magistrate, or judge or clerk of court of record, shall set all criminal cases for a trial at a date not later than thirty days after plea is received, or in those cases in which the charge has been reduced on preliminary hearing or has been certified by another magistrate, then at a date not later than thirty days from fixing of charge or receipt of transcript as the case may be. Continuances beyond such date sh...

Section 2938.04 | Jury demand.

...In courts of record right to trial by jury as defined in section 2945.17 of the Revised Code shall be claimed by making demand in writing therefor and filing the same with the clerk of the court not less than three days prior to the date set for trial or on the day following receipt of notice whichever is the later. Failure to claim jury trial as provided in this section is a complete waiver of right thereto. In cour...

Section 2938.05 | Withdrawal of jury demand.

...Claim of jury, once made, may be withdrawn by written waiver of jury but in such case the court may, if a jury has been summoned, require accused to pay all costs of mileage and fees of the summoned jurors for one day's service, notwithstanding the outcome of the case. No withdrawal of claim for jury shall effect any re-transfer of a case, once it has been certified to a court of record.

Section 2938.06 | Number of jurors - peremptory challenges.

...If the number of jurors to be sworn in a case is not stated in the claim, the number to be sworn shall be twelve, but the accused may stipulate for a jury of six, provided in such case the number of pre-emptory challenges shall be limited to two on each side.

Section 2938.07 | Control of trial proceedings.

...The magistrate or judge of the trial court shall control all proceedings during a criminal trial and shall limit the introduction of evidence and argument of counsel to relevant and material matters with a view to expeditious and effective ascertainment of truth regarding the matters in issue.

Section 2938.08 | Defendant presumed innocent.

...A defendant in a criminal action is presumed to be innocent until he is proved guilty of the offense charged, and in case of a reasonable doubt whether his guilt is satisfactorily shown, he shall be acquitted. The presumption of innocence places upon the state (or the municipality) the burden of proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In charging a jury the trial court shall state the meaning of the presumptio...

Section 2938.09 | Grounds for objection.

...In the trial of any criminal case, the grounds of an objection to any ruling or action of the judge or magistrate shall be stated if required by him.

Section 2938.10 | Proof of territorial jurisdiction.

...The state or municipality in all cases must prove the offense committed within the territorial jurisdiction of the court, and in ordinance cases within the municipality, except as to those offenses in which the court has county wide jurisdiction created by statute and as to those cases in which certification has been made pursuant to section 2937.08 of the Revised Code.

Section 2938.11 | Order of trial.

...The trial of an issue shall proceed before the trial court or jury as follows: (A) Counsel may state the case for the prosecution, including the evidence by which he expects to sustain it. (B) Counsel for the defendant may state his defense, including the evidence which he expects to offer. (C) The prosecution then shall produce all its evidence, and the defendant may follow with his evidence, but the court or mag...

Section 2938.12 | Presence of defendant required.

...A person being tried for a misdemeanor, either to the court, or to a jury, upon request in writing, subscribed by him, may, with the consent of the judge or magistrate, be tried in his absence, but no right shall exist in the defendant to be so tried. If after trial commences a person being tried escapes or departs without leave, the trial shall proceed and verdict or finding be received and sentence passed as if he...

Section 2938.13 | Prosecution of criminal cases.

...In any case prosecuted for violation of a municipal ordinance the village solicitor or city director of law, and for a statute, he or the prosecuting attorney, shall present the case for the municipal corporation and the state respectively, but either may delegate the responsibility to some other attorney in a proper case, or, if the defendant be unrepresented by counsel may with leave of court, withdraw from the cas...

Section 2938.14 | Venires for juries.

...Jurors in courts of record inferior to the court of common pleas shall be drawn and summoned in the manner provided in the various acts creating such courts. But no challenge to the array shall be sustained in any case for the reason that some of the jurors are not residents of the territory of the court, if it appears that the jurors were regularly drawn and certified by the jury commissioners of county or mun...