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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 1533.54 | Methods of fishing.


No person shall draw, set, place, locate, maintain, or possess a pound net, crib net, trammel net, fyke net, set net, seine, bar net, or fish trap, or any part thereof, or throw or hand line, with more than three hooks attached thereto, or any other device for catching fish, except a line with not more than three hooks attached thereto or lure with not more than three sets of three hooks each, in the inland fishing district of this state, except for taking carp, mullet, sheepshead, and grass pike as provided in section 1533.62 of the Revised Code, and except as provided in section 1533.60 of the Revised Code, or as otherwise provided for by division rule. No person shall catch or kill a fish in that fishing district with what are known as bob lines, trotlines, or float lines, or by grabbing with the hands, or by spearing or shooting, or with any other device other than by angling. In the waters of the inland fishing district, except those lakes, harbors, and reservoirs controlled by the state, a trotline may be used with not more than fifty hooks, and no two hooks less than three feet apart, by the owner or person having the owner's consent in that part of the stream bordering on or running through that owner's lands.

Notwithstanding this section, any resident who is licensed to fish with nets in the Ohio river may possess fish nets for the sole purpose of storage, repair, drying, and tarring in the area between United States route fifty and the Ohio river from the Indiana state line to Cincinnati, Ohio, and in the area between United States route fifty-two and the Ohio river from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Chesapeake, Ohio, and in the area between state route seven and the Ohio river from Chesapeake, Ohio, to East Liverpool, Ohio.

Any person possessing a net in this reserve district shall have an Ohio permit for each net in the person's possession. The permit shall be issued annually by the chief of the division of wildlife upon application of the owner of the net and submission of evidence by the owner of possession of a valid fishing license permitting the owner to fish with nets in the Ohio river, and the payment of fifty dollars for each net for which an application is made and a permit is issued. The permit shall expire at twelve midnight on the fifteenth day of March of each year.

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