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Section 1555.01 | Coal research and development definitions.


As used in this chapter:

(A) "Coal research and development" means inquiry, experimentation, or demonstration to advance basic scientific or technical knowledge, or the application, adaptation, or use of existing or newly discovered scientific or technical knowledge, regarding the beneficiation of Ohio coal before combustion, conversion of Ohio coal to other fuels, the control of emissions of sulfur compounds resulting from the use of Ohio coal through the removal of sulfur compounds and other pollutants before, during, or after combustion, or other inquiry, experimentation, or commercial-scale demonstration, directed toward the utilization of Ohio coal in an environmentally acceptable manner as a fuel or chemical feedstock.

(B) "Coal research and development facilities" means buildings, structures, and other improvements, and equipment and other property, real and personal, or the modification or replacement of property, for coal research and development, including, without limitation, research, pilot, and commercial-scale demonstration facilities and, when necessary or appropriate to demonstrate the commercial acceptability of a specific technology, up to three installations within this state utilizing the specific technology that enhances the market for, or marketability of, Ohio coal and that is consistent with the purposes of the Ohio coal development office established under section 1551.32 of the Revised Code, and further including any property or system to be used wholly or partially for that purpose, whether or not another purpose is also served, and any property or system incidental to or which pertains to the purpose of coal research and development. Coal research and development facilities as defined in this division are hereby determined to be those which qualify for grants, loans, and loan guarantees under Section 15 of Article VIII, Ohio Constitution.

(C) "Coal research and development project" or "project" means any coal research and development, or any coal research and development facility, including undivided or other interests, acquired or to be acquired, constructed or to be constructed, or operating or to be operated by a person doing business in this state or by an educational or scientific institution located in this state with all or a part of the cost of the project being paid from a loan or grant from the Ohio coal development office or a loan guaranteed by the office under this chapter, including all buildings and facilities that the office determines necessary for the operation of the project, together with all property, rights, easements, and interests that may be required for the operation of the project.

(D) "Cost" as applied to coal research and development projects means the cost of acquisition and construction, the cost of acquisition of all land, property rights, easements, and interests required for such acquisition and construction, the cost of demolishing or removing any buildings or structures on land so acquired, including the cost of acquiring any lands to which such buildings or structures may be moved, the cost of all machinery, furnishings, and equipment, financing charges, interest prior to and during construction and for no more than eighteen months after completion of construction, engineering, legal expenses, plans, specifications, surveys, estimates of cost and revenues, working capital, other expenses necessary to determining the feasibility or practicability of acquiring or constructing such project, administrative expense, and such other expense as may be necessary to the acquisition or construction of the project, the financing of such acquisition or construction, and the financing of the placing of such project in operation. Any obligation, cost, or expense incurred by any such person or educational or scientific institution for surveys, borings, preparation of plans and specifications, and other engineering services, or any other cost described above, in connection with the acquisition or construction of a project may be regarded as a part of the cost of such project.

(E) "Construction," unless the context indicates a different meaning or intent, includes reconstruction, enlargement, improvement, or providing furnishings or equipment.

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