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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 1563.24 | Mine foreperson of gaseous mine - powers and duties.


In all mines generating methane in such quantities as to be considered a gaseous mine under section 1563.02 of the Revised Code, the mine foreperson of such a mine shall:

(A) Employ a sufficient number of competent persons holding foreperson of gaseous mines or fire boss certificates, except as provided in section 1565.02 of the Revised Code, to examine the working places whether they are in actual course of working or not, and the traveling ways and entrances to old workings with approved flame safety lamps, all of which shall be done not more than three hours prior to the time fixed for the employees to enter the mine;

(B) Have all old parts of the mine not in the actual course of working, but that are open and safe to travel, examined not less than once each three days by a competent person who holds a foreperson of gaseous mines or a fire boss certificate;

(C) See that all parts of the mine not sealed off as provided in section 1563.41 of the Revised Code are kept free from standing gas, and upon the discovery of any standing gas, see that the entrance to the place where the gas is so discovered is fenced off and marked with a sign upon which is written the word "danger," and the sign shall so remain until the gas has been removed;

(D) Have the mine examined on all idle days, holidays, and Sundays on which employees are required to work therein;

(E) If more than three hours elapse between shifts, have the places in which the succeeding shift works examined by a competent person who holds a foreperson of gaseous mines or fire boss certificate;

(F) See that this chapter and Chapters 1561., 1565., and 1567. and applicable provisions of Chapter 1509. of the Revised Code, with regard to examination of working places, removal of standing gas, and fencing off of dangerous places, are complied with before the employees employed by the mine foreperson for this particular work are permitted to do any other work;

(G) Have a report made on the blackboard provided for in section 1567.06 of the Revised Code, which report shall show the condition of the mine as to the presence of gas and the place where such gas is present, if there is any, before the mine foreperson permits the employees to enter the mine;

(H) Have reports of the duties and activities enumerated in this section signed by the person who makes the examination. The reports so signed shall be sent once each week to the deputy mine inspector of the district in which the mine is located on blanks furnished by the division of mineral resources management for that purpose, and a copy of the report shall be kept on file at the mine.

(I) Have the fire boss record a report after each examination, in ink, in the fire boss' record book, which book shall show the time taken in making the examination and also clearly state the nature and location of any danger that was discovered in any room, entry, or other place in the mine, and, if any danger was discovered, the fire boss shall immediately report the location thereof to the mine foreperson.

No person shall enter the mine until the fire bosses return to the mine office on the surface, or to a station located in the mine, where a record book as provided for in this section shall be kept and signed by the person making the examination, and report to the oncoming mine foreperson that the mine is in safe condition for the employees to enter. When a station is located in any mine, the fire bosses shall sign also the report entered in the record book in the mine office on the surface. The record books of the fire bosses shall at all times during working hours be accessible to the deputy mine inspector and the employees of the mine.

In every mine generating explosive gas in quantities sufficient to be detected by an approved flame safety lamp, when the working portions are one mile or more from the entrance to the mine or from the bottom of the shaft or slope, a permanent station of suitable dimensions may be erected by the mine foreperson, provided that the location is approved by the deputy mine inspector, for the use of the fire bosses, and a fireproof vault of ample strength shall be erected in the station of brick, stone, or concrete, in which the temporary record book of the fire bosses, as described in this section, shall be kept. No person, except a mine foreperson of gaseous mines, and in case of necessity such other persons as are designated by the mine foreperson, shall pass beyond the permanent station and danger signal until the mine has been examined by a fire boss, and the mine or certain portions thereof reported by the fire boss to be safe.

This section does not prevent a mine foreperson or foreperson of gaseous mines from being qualified to act and acting in the capacity of fire boss. The record book shall be supplied by the division and purchased by the operator.

No mine foreperson or person delegated by the mine foreperson, or any operator of a mine, or other person, shall refuse or neglect to comply with this section.

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