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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 1567.35 | Use of gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, fuel oil or gas engine.


No gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, fuel oil, or gas engine shall be used in a mine, except for operating pumping machinery where electric, compressed air, or steam power is not available or cannot be transmitted to the pump, in which case the owner, lessee, or agent shall observe the following:

(A) Notice shall be given to the chief of the division of mineral resources management before installing, and the installation and operation shall be subject to the chief's approval.

(B) No wood or inflammable material shall be permitted within twenty-five feet of the engine.

(C) The supply tank from which the gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, or fuel oil is fed to the engine shall be of metal, with a suitable screw cap opening, fitted with a gasket, so as to make the tank airtight and prevent the escape of gas into the atmosphere, and the tank kept free from leaks.

(D) The gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, or fuel oil shall be fed from a tank to the carburetor or mixer by metal tubes securely connected so as to reduce the possibility of leaks to a minimum.

(E) The exhaust from the engine shall be conducted by means of metal pipes into the return air current, so that the combustion fumes will not enter the workings of the mine where the workers are required to work, or be conducted in an upcast shaft or slope not used as a means of ingress or egress or through metal pipes to the surface.

(F) At no time shall more than five gallons of such gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, or fuel oil be taken into the mine, including that in the supply tank.

(G) No gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, or fuel oil shall be taken into the mine except in metallic cans, with a screw cap opening at the top, fitted with a suitable gasket.

(H) No package, can, or supply tank of an engine, containing gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, or fuel oil, shall be opened until ready to make the transfer from the package or can to the supply tank, and in transferring, a funnel shall be used so as to avoid spilling the gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, or fuel oil, and the cap on the supply tank shall be immediately closed.

(I) In no case shall the package, can, or supply tank be opened when an open light or other thing containing fire is within twenty-five feet of the same, provided that subject to the approval of the chief, the restrictions in the use of fuel oil in a mine shall not apply to mobile or portable machinery, if the mobile or portable machinery is used in a clay, limestone, shale, or any other mine not a coal mine.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit or impede the use of diesel equipment in an underground coal mine, provided that the chief approves the use of the equipment in underground mines and the equipment satisfies requirements established in rules adopted by the chief under section 1513.02 of the Revised Code governing the use of diesel equipment in underground mines.

No owner, lessee, agent, or operator of a mine shall violate this section.

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