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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 1710.13 | Dissolving a special improvement district.


This section does not apply to a special improvement district created by an existing qualified nonprofit corporation.

The process for dissolving a special improvement district or repealing an improvements or services plan may be initiated by a petition signed by members of the district who own at least twenty per cent of the appraised value of the real property located in the district, excluding church property or real property owned by the federal government, the state, or a county, township, or municipal corporation, unless the church, county, township, or municipal corporation has specifically requested in writing that the property be included in the district, and filed with the municipal executive, if any, and the legislative authorities of all the participating political subdivisions of the district. As used in this section, "appraised value" means the taxable value established by the county auditor for purposes of real estate taxation.

No later than forty-five days after such a petition is filed, the members of the district shall meet to consider it. Notice of the meeting shall be given as provided in section 1710.05 of the Revised Code. Upon the affirmative vote of members who collectively own more than fifty per cent of the appraised value of the real property in the district that may be subject to assessment under division (C) of section 1710.06 of the Revised Code, the district shall be dissolved, or the plan shall be repealed, as applicable.

No rights or obligations of any person under any contract, or in relation to any bonds, notes, or assessments made under this chapter, shall be affected by the dissolution of the district or the repeal of a plan, except with the consent of that person or by order of a court with jurisdiction over the matter. Upon dissolution of a district, any assets or rights of the district, after payment of all bonds, notes, or other obligations of the district, shall be deposited in a special account in the treasury of each participating political subdivision, prorated among all participating political subdivisions to reflect the percentage of the district's territory within that political subdivision, to be used for the benefit of the territory that made up the district.

Once the members have approved the repeal of a plan, all bonds, notes, and other obligations of the district associated with the plan shall be paid. Thereafter, the plan shall be repealed. Upon receipt of proof that all bonds, notes, and other obligations have been paid and that the plan has been repealed, the participating political subdivisions shall terminate any levies imposed to pay for costs of the plan.

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