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Section 3311.74 | Goals and accountability standards - plan to measure student academic performance - report - public awareness campaign.

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(A) The board of education of a municipal school district, in consultation with the department of education, shall set goals for the district's educational, financial, and management progress and establish accountability standards with which to measure the district's progress.

(B)(1) The chief executive officer of a municipal school district shall develop, implement, and regularly update a plan to measure student academic performance at each school within the district. The plan developed by the chief executive officer shall include a component that requires the parents or guardians of students who attend the district's schools to attend, prior to the fifteenth day of December each year, at least one parent-teacher conference or similar event held by the school the student attends to provide an opportunity for the parents and guardians to meet the student's teachers, discuss expectations for the student, discuss the student's performance, and foster communication between home and school.

(2) Where measurements demonstrate that students in particular schools are not achieving, or are not improving their achievement levels at an acceptable rate, the plan shall contain provisions requiring the chief executive officer, with the concurrence of the board, to take corrective action within those schools, including, but not limited to, reallocation of academic and financial resources, reassignment of staff, redesign of academic programs, adjusting the length of the school year or school day, and deploying additional assistance to students.

(3) Prior to taking corrective action pursuant to the plan, the chief executive officer shall first identify which schools are in need of corrective action, what corrective action is warranted at each school, and when the corrective action should be implemented. Collectively, these items shall be known as the "corrective plan." The corrective plan is not intended to be used as a cost savings measure; rather, it is intended to improve student performance at targeted schools.

Immediately after developing the corrective plan, the chief executive officer and the presiding officer of each labor organization whose members will be affected by the corrective plan shall each appoint up to four individuals to form one or more corrective action teams. The corrective action teams, within the timelines set by the chief executive officer for implementation of the corrective plan, shall collaborate with the chief executive officer and, where there are overlapping or mutual concerns, with other corrective action teams to make recommendations to the chief executive officer on implementation of the corrective plan.

If the chief executive officer disagrees with all or part of the recommendations of a corrective action team, or if a corrective action team fails to make timely recommendations on the implementation of all or part of the corrective plan, the chief executive officer may implement the corrective plan in the manner in which the chief executive officer determines to be in the best interest of the students, consistent with the timelines originally established.

The chief executive officer and any corrective action team are not bound by the applicable provisions of collective bargaining agreements in developing recommendations for and implementing the corrective plan.

(4) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Chapter 4117. of the Revised Code, the content and implementation of the corrective plan prevail over any conflicting provision of a collective bargaining agreement entered into on or after the effective date of this amendment.

(C) Annually the chief executive officer shall issue a report to residents of the district that includes results of achievement measurements made under division (B)(1) of this section and delineates the nature of any reforms and corrective actions being taken in response to any failure to achieve at an acceptable level or rate. The report shall also contain descriptions of efforts undertaken to improve the overall quality or efficiency of operation of the district, shall list the source of all district revenues, and shall contain a description of all district expenditures during the preceding fiscal year.

(D) The chief executive officer shall implement a public awareness campaign to keep the parents and guardians of the district's students informed of the changes being implemented within the district. The campaign may include such methods as community forums, letters, and brochures. It shall include annual distribution to all parents and guardians of an information card specifying the names and business addresses and telephone numbers of the ombudspersons appointed under section 3311.72 of the Revised Code and other employees of the district board of education who may serve as information resources for parents and guardians.

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