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Section 3315.33 | Ohio scholarship fund for teacher trainees.


There is hereby established a fund to be known as the Ohio scholarship fund for teacher trainees for the public purpose of relieving the existing teacher shortage in public schools, to be administered and expended as prescribed in sections 3315.33 to 3315.35 of the Revised Code. Appropriations by the general assembly for the purpose of scholarships for teacher trainees shall be paid into this fund.

Each scholarship for a teacher trainee shall have a maximum value of five hundred dollars annually and shall be awarded as follows:

(A) The department of education and workforce shall prescribe standards and requirements which shall be met by persons who are eligible for such scholarships. Scholarships shall be allocated among the counties of the state on an equitable basis by the department, provided that not less than three such scholarships shall be available annually to residents of each county of the state. If, on the first day of September in each year, the department finds that the number of eligible persons recommended from any county is less than the number of scholarships allocated to that county, it may reallocate the remaining scholarships among the counties in which the number of eligible persons exceeds the number of scholarships allocated. Such reallocation as may affect a county in one year shall not prejudice in any way the allocation to it in succeeding years.

(B) In accordance with the requirements of sections 3315.33, 3315.34, and 3315.35 of the Revised Code, the educational service center superintendent in each educational service center as committee chairperson shall appoint a committee consisting of one high school principal, one elementary school principal, and one classroom teacher. This committee shall select and recommend, on the basis of merit, a number of high school graduates, not to exceed the number allocated to each county by the department, who are interested in teaching and whose work and qualifications are such as to indicate that they possess the qualities which should be possessed by a successful teacher. Such persons shall not have previously been enrolled in any college of education or have majored in education in any college or university. Such other college training shall be considered in determining such person's qualifications to become a successful teacher.

(C) The scholarship fund for teacher trainees shall be disbursed to scholarship holders upon their application as approved by the department upon vouchers for that purpose. Such scholarships shall be paid in equal installments at the beginning of each quarter or semester while college is in session to each person who has been awarded such a scholarship when the following requirements are met:

(1) Such person shall be a bona fide student in the college of education or department of teacher training in an Ohio institution of higher learning.

(2) Such person shall pursue a course of study in elementary education in said college of education or department of teacher training approved by the department of education and workforce.

Last updated August 21, 2023 at 4:15 PM

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