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Section 3345.05 | Administration of moneys - annual reports by recipients - investments - investment committee.

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(A) All registration fees, nonresident tuition fees, academic fees for the support of off-campus instruction, laboratory and course fees when so assessed and collected, student health fees for the support of a student health service, all other fees, deposits, charges, receipts, and income from all or part of the students, all subsidy or other payments from state appropriations, and all other fees, deposits, charges, receipts, income, and revenue received by each state institution of higher education, the Ohio state university hospitals and their ancillary facilities, the Ohio agricultural research and development center, and OSU extension shall be held and administered by the respective boards of trustees of the state institution of higher education; provided, that such fees, deposits, charges, receipts, income and revenue, to the extent required by resolutions, trust agreements, indentures, leases, and agreements adopted, made, or entered into under Chapter 154. or section 3345.07, 3345.11, or 3345.12 of the Revised Code, shall be held, administered, transferred, and applied in accordance therewith.

(B) The Ohio board of regents shall require annual reporting by the Ohio agricultural research and development center and by each university and college receiving state aid in such form and detail as determined by the board in consultation with such center, universities and colleges, and the director of budget and management.

(C) Notwithstanding any provision of the Revised Code to the contrary, the title to investments made by the board of trustees of a state institution of higher education with funds derived from any of the sources described in division (A) of this section shall not be vested in the state or the political subdivision but shall be held in trust by the board. Such investments shall be made pursuant to an investment policy adopted by the board in public session that requires all fiduciaries to discharge their duties with the care, skill, prudence, and diligence under the circumstances then prevailing that a prudent person acting in like capacity and familiar with such matters would use in the conduct of an enterprise of a like character and with like aims. The policy also shall require at least the following:

(1) A stipulation that investment of at least twenty-five per cent of the average amount of the investment portfolio over the course of the previous fiscal year be invested in securities of the United States government or of its agencies or instrumentalities, the treasurer of state's pooled investment program, obligations of this state or any political subdivision of this state, certificates of deposit of any national bank located in this state, written repurchase agreements with any eligible Ohio financial institution that is a member of the federal reserve system or federal home loan bank, money market funds, or bankers acceptances maturing in two hundred seventy days or less which are eligible for purchase by the federal reserve system, as a reserve;

(2) Eligible funds above those that meet the conditions of division (C)(1) of this section may be pooled with other institutional funds and invested in accordance with section 1715.52 of the Revised Code.

(3) The establishment of an investment committee.

(D) The investment committee established under division (C)(3) of this section shall meet at least quarterly. The committee shall review and recommend revisions to the board's investment policy and shall advise the board on its investments made under division (C) of this section in an effort to assist it in meeting its obligations as a fiduciary as described in division (C) of this section. The committee shall be authorized to retain the services of an investment advisor who meets both of the following qualifications:

(1) The advisor is either:

(a) Licensed by the division of securities under section 1707.141 of the Revised Code;

(b) Registered with the securities and exchange commission.

(2) The advisor either:

(a) Has experience in the management of investments of public funds, especially in the investment of state-government investment portfolios;

(b) Is an eligible institution referenced in section 135.03 of the Revised Code.

(E) As used in this section, "state institution of higher education" means a state institution of higher education as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code.

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