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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 349.06 | Power and authority of new community authority.


In furtherance of the purposes of this chapter, a new community authority may:

(A) Acquire by purchase, lease, gift, or otherwise, on such terms and in such manner as it considers proper, real and personal property or any estate, interest, or right therein, within or without the new community district;

(B) Improve, maintain, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of real and personal property and community facilities, on such terms and in such manner as it considers proper;

(C) Landscape and otherwise aesthetically improve areas within the new community district, including but not limited to maintenance, landscaping and other community improvement services;

(D) Provide, engage in, or otherwise sponsor recreational, educational, health, social, vocational, cultural, beautification, and amusement activities and related services primarily for residents of, visitors to, employees working within, or employers operating businesses in the district, or any combination thereof.

(E) Fix, alter, impose, collect and receive service and user fees, rentals, and other charges to cover all costs in carrying out the new community development program;

(F) Adopt, modify, and enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the use of community facilities;

(G) Employ such managers, administrative officers, agents, engineers, architects, attorneys, contractors, sub-contractors, and employees as may be appropriate in the exercise of the rights, powers and duties conferred upon it, prescribe the duties and compensation for such persons, require bonds to be given by any such persons and by officers of the authority for the faithful performance of their duties, and fix the amount and surety therefor; and pay the same;

(H) Sue and be sued in its corporate name;

(I) Make and enter into all contracts and agreements and execute all instruments relating to a new community development program, including contracts with the developer and other persons or entities related thereto for land acquisition and land development; acquisition, construction, and maintenance of community facilities; the provision of community services and management and coordinating services; with federal, state, interstate, regional, and local agencies and political subdivisions or combinations thereof in connection with the financing of such program, and with any municipal corporation or other public body, or combination thereof, providing for the acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, maintenance or operation of joint lands or facilities or for the provision of any services or activities relating to and in furtherance of a new community development program, including the creation of or participation in a regional transit authority created pursuant to the Revised Code;

(J) Apply for and accept grants, loans or commitments of guarantee or insurance including any guarantees of community authority bonds and notes, from the United States, the state, or other public body or other sources, and provide any consideration which may be required in order to obtain such grants, loans or contracts of guarantee or insurance. Such loans or contracts of guarantee or insurance may be evidenced by the issuance of bonds as provided in section 349.08 of the Revised Code;

(K) Procure insurance against loss to it by reason of damage to its properties resulting from fire, theft, accident, or other casualties, or by reason of its liability for any damages to persons or property occurring in the construction or operation of facilities or areas under its jurisdiction or the conduct of its activities;

(L) Maintain such funds or reserves as it considers necessary for the efficient performance of its duties;

(M) Enter agreements with the boards of education of any school districts in which all or part of the new community district lies, whereby the community authority may acquire property for, may construct and equip, and may sell, lease, dedicate, with or without consideration, or otherwise transfer lands, schools, classrooms, or other facilities, whether or not within the new community district, from the authority to the school district for school and related purposes;

(N) Prepare plans for acquisition and development of lands and facilities, and enter into agreements with city, county, or regional planning commissions to perform or obtain all or any part of planning services for the new community district;

(O) Engage in planning for the new community district, which may be predominantly residential and open space, and prepare or approve a development plan or plans therefor, and engage in land acquisitions and land development in accordance with such plan or plans;

(P) Issue new community authority bonds and notes and community authority refunding bonds, payable solely from the income source provided in section 349.08 of the Revised Code, unless the bonds are refunded by refunding bonds, for the purpose of paying any part of the cost as applied to the new community development program or parts thereof;

(Q) Enforce any covenants running with the land of which the new community authority is the beneficiary, including but not limited to the collection by any and all appropriate means of any community development charge deemed to be a covenant running with the land and enforceable by the new community authority pursuant to section 349.07 of the Revised Code; and to waive, reduce, or terminate any community development charge of which it is the beneficiary to the extent not needed for any of the purposes provided in section 349.07 of the Revised Code, the procedure for which shall be provided in such covenants, and if new community authority bonds have been issued pledging any such community development charge, to the extent not prohibited in the resolution authorizing the issuance of such new community authority bonds or the trust agreement or indenture of mortgage securing the bonds;

(R) Appropriate for its use, under sections 163.01 to 163.22 of the Revised Code, any land, easement, rights, rights-of-way, franchises, or other property in the new community district required by the authority for community facilities. The authority may not so appropriate any land, easement, rights, rights-of-way, franchises, or other property that is not included in the new community district.

(S) Enter into any agreements as may be necessary, appropriate, or useful to support a new community development program, including, but not limited to, cooperative agreements or other agreements with political subdivisions for services, materials, or products; for the administration, calculation, or collection of community development charges; or for sharing of revenue derived from community development charges, community facilities, or other sources. The agreements may be made with or without consideration as the parties determine.

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