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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 355.02 | Local healthier buckeye council.


(A) Each board of county commissioners may adopt a resolution to establish a local healthier buckeye council. If a local council is established, the resolution shall specify the organization of the council and shall designate a member to serve as a staffing agent and, if the board determines necessary, a member to serve as a fiscal agent. The board may revise the council's organization as necessary by adopting a resolution.

(B)(1) The board may invite any person or entity to become a member of the council, including any of the following:

(a) Individuals with community leadership experience;

(b) Individuals with experience leading others;

(c) Individuals likely to receive healthier buckeye services and participate in healthier buckeye programs;

(d) Representatives from public and private entities, including any of the following:

(i) Employers;

(ii) Municipal corporations, counties, and townships;

(iii) Courts, including those with specialized court programs certified by the Ohio supreme court;

(iv) Law enforcement;

(v) Faith-based social services organizations;

(vi) Foundations;

(vii) Public health, including free clinics;

(viii) Child support enforcement agencies;

(ix) Children services agencies;

(x) Child care providers;

(xi) Preschool programs;

(xii) Primary and secondary schools;

(xiii) Colleges and universities;

(xiv) Mental health and addiction services providers;

(xv) Medicaid care coordinators or service providers;

(xvi) Emergency or urgent care services providers;

(xvii) Transportation providers;

(xviii) Housing providers;

(xix) The boy scouts of America, 4-H clubs, boys and girls clubs of America, and other similar organizations.

(2) The board may form a multi-county council in accordance with division (C) of this section.

(C)(1) The boards of county commissioners of any two or more counties, by entering into a written agreement, may form a joint local healthier buckeye council. The agreement shall be ratified by resolution of the board of county commissioners of each county that entered into the agreement.

(2) An agreement to establish a joint local healthier buckeye council may set forth procedures or standards necessary for the joint local healthier buckeye council to perform its duties and operate efficiently.

(3) Costs incurred in operating a joint local healthier buckeye council shall be paid from a joint general fund created by the council, except as may be otherwise provided in the agreement.

(4) If a joint local healthier buckeye council is established, all references in the Revised Code to a local healthier buckeye council shall apply to the joint local council.

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