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Section 3701.245 | Public agencies may not require HIV results to obtain services.


(A) No state agency as defined in section 1.60 of the Revised Code, political subdivision, agency of local government, or private nonprofit corporation receiving state or local government funds shall refuse to admit as a patient, or to provide services to, any individual solely because he refuses to consent to an HIV test or to disclose HIV test results.

(B) The prohibition contained in division (A) of this section does not prevent a physician or a person licensed to practice dentistry under Chapter 4715. of the Revised Code from referring an individual he has reason to believe may have AIDS or an AIDS-related condition to an appropriate health care provider or facility, if the referral is based on reasonable professional judgment and not solely on grounds of the refusal of the individual to consent to an HIV test or to disclose the result of an HIV test.

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