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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 4303.2011 | F-11 liquor permit to nonprofit organizations promoting craft beers.


(A) As used in this section, "nonprofit organization" means a corporation, association, group, institution, society, or other organization that:

(1) Is exempt from federal income taxation;

(2) Has a membership of two hundred fifty or more persons.

(B) The division of liquor control may issue an F-11 permit to a nonprofit organization to conduct an event if the event has all of the following characteristics:

(1) The event is coordinated by the nonprofit organization and the nonprofit organization is responsible for the activities at the event.

(2) One of the event's purposes is the introduction, showcasing, or promotion of craft beers manufactured in this state.

(3) The event includes the sale of food for consumption on the premises where sold.

(4) The event features at least twenty A-1c permit holders, who are members of the nonprofit organization that has organized the event, as participants. The nonprofit organization may allow any number of A-1 permit holders to participate in the event.

(C) An F-11 permit holder may sell, at the event, beer that it has purchased from the A-1 or A-1c permit holders that are participating in the event or from the participating A-1 or A-1c permit holder's assigned B-1 permit holder. The F-11 permit holder may sell the beer in four-ounce samples or in containers not exceeding sixteen ounces for consumption on the premises where sold.

The F-11 permit holder may sell beer on the F-11 permit premises only where and when the sale of beer is otherwise permitted by law.

(D) The F-11 permit holder shall clearly define and sufficiently restrict the premises of the event to allow proper enforcement of the permit by state and local law enforcement officers. If an F-11 permit is issued for all or a portion of the same premises for which another class of permit is issued, that permit holder's privileges are suspended in that portion of the premises in which the F-11 permit is in effect.

(E)(1) No F-11 permit is effective for more than seventy-two consecutive hours. However, for purposes of an exposition at the state fairgrounds, an F-11 permit is effective for the duration of the exposition.

(2) No sales of beer shall take place under an F-11 permit after one a.m.

(F) The division shall not issue more than six F-11 permits to the same nonprofit organization in any one calendar year.

(G) An applicant for an F-11 permit shall apply for the permit not later than thirty days prior to the first day of the event for which the permit is sought. In the application, the applicant shall list all of the A-1 and A-1c permit holders that will participate in the event. The fee for the F-11 permit is sixty dollars for each day of the event.

The division shall prepare and make available an F-11 permit application form and may require applicants for and holders of the F-11 permit to provide information that is in addition to that required by this section and that is necessary for the administration of this section.

(H)(1) An F-11 permit holder is responsible, and is subject to penalties, for any violations of this chapter or Chapter 4301. of the Revised Code that occur during the event.

(2) An F-11 permit holder shall not allow an A-1 or A-1c permit holder to participate in the event if the A-1 or A-1c permit or, if applicable, the A-1-A permit of that A-1 or A-1c permit holder is under suspension.

(3) The division may refuse to issue an F-11 permit to an applicant if both of the following apply:

(a) The applicant has pleaded guilty to or has been convicted of violating this chapter or Chapter 4301. of the Revised Code while operating under a previously issued F-11 permit.

(b) The violation occurred within the two years preceding the filing of the new F-11 permit application.

(I) Notwithstanding any provision of section 4301.24 of the Revised Code or any rule adopted by the liquor control commission to the contrary, employees of an A-1 or A-1c permit holder or B-1 permit holder, or employees or agents of a B-1 permit holder may assist an F-11 permit holder in serving beer at an event for which an F-11 permit is issued.

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