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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 4303.34 | G and I permit restrictions on sales.


The sale of alcohol under G and I permits is subject to the following restrictions in addition to those imposed by the rules or orders of the division of liquor control:

(A) All sales under such permits shall be made by the licensed pharmacist in charge of the store or by a licensed pharmacy intern, lawfully employed therein.

(B) All sales to hospitals, infirmaries, and medical or educational institutions for the uses authorized by such permits shall be made only upon the written, signed, dated, and sworn application of the superintendent of such institution.

(C) All sales of alcohol to physicians, dentists, and veterinary surgeons shall be made only on the written, signed, dated, and sworn application of such physician, dentist, or veterinary surgeon, personally presented by the applicant.

(D) All sales of alcohol for mechanical, chemical, or scientific purposes shall be made only upon the written application of the purchaser known by the pharmacist or pharmacy intern to be a person engaged in such mechanical, chemical, or scientific pursuits, which application shall be dated, signed, and sworn to by the purchaser.

All applications required by this section shall state clearly and specifically the kind and quantity of alcohol required and the use to which it is to be put by the person purchasing it, and that the person will not use any of the alcohol procured for any other use than that stated in the application.

All prescriptions and applications required by this section shall be canceled as soon as filled by the person filling the same, by having "canceled" plainly written or stamped thereon and signed and dated by the person who filled the same, and shall be kept open to public inspection. No person shall furnish alcohol more than once on any such prescription or application.

Each holder of such a permit shall register in an alphabetically arranged book, kept exclusively for that purpose, all prescriptions of physicians and dentists, in the following order: the name of the physician or dentist, the name of the person prescribed for, the quantity and kind of alcohol, and the use for which prescribed.

The person making the sale shall indorse upon the prescription the date upon which it was filled and the person's own name. Each such holder shall keep a record of applications, showing the date of each, by whom made, the quantity and kind of alcohol supplied, and when, where, and for what purpose and by whom such alcohol was to be used. Each applicant shall certify to the same by signing the applicant's name in such record book. Such book shall be open at all times during business hours to the inspection of the division.

Any licensed pharmacist or pharmacy intern may administer the oath required by this section.

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