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Section 4503.33 | In transit permits required.


A person, firm, or corporation engaged in this state as a drive-away operator or trailer transporter or both in the business of transporting and delivering, by means of the full mount method, the saddle mount method, the tow bar method, tow-away method, or any combination thereof, or under their own power, new motor vehicles from the manufacturer or any other point of origin to any point of destination, or used motor vehicles from any individual, firm, or corporation to any point of destination, or both, shall apply to the registrar of motor vehicles for an "in transit" permit. This application shall be accompanied by a registration fee of fifty dollars, and shall show such information as is considered necessary by the registrar. Upon the filing of the application and the payment of the annual fee and appropriate postage as required by the registrar, the registrar shall issue to each permittee a certificate of registration bearing a distinctive number or designation of the registration and one license plate bearing a corresponding number or designation. The license plate shall be carried and displayed by each such motor vehicle in like manner as provided by law for other motor vehicles while operated upon a public highway in transit from the manufacturer or any other point of origin to any point of destination.

A permittee may procure a reasonable number of additional registration certificates upon the payment of a fee of three dollars and postage. With each such additional registration certificate the registrar shall furnish one license plate with the same numbering or designation provided in the original registration certificate, and the registrar may add thereto such special designation as may be necessary to distinguish one license plate from another.

No person required to register an apportionable vehicle under the international registration plan shall apply for or receive a license plate for that vehicle under this section.

Last updated August 29, 2023 at 9:17 AM

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