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The Legislative Service Commission staff updates the Revised Code on an ongoing basis, as it completes its act review of enacted legislation. Updates may be slower during some times of the year, depending on the volume of enacted legislation.

Section 4928.12 | Qualifying transmission entities.


(A) Except as otherwise provided in sections 4928.31 to 4928.40 of the Revised Code, no entity shall own or control transmission facilities as defined under federal law and located in this state on or after the starting date of competitive retail electric service unless that entity is a member of, and transfers control of those facilities to, one or more qualifying transmission entities, as described in division (B) of this section, that are operational.

(B) An entity that owns or controls transmission facilities located in this state complies with division (A) of this section if each transmission entity of which it is a member meets all of the following specifications:

(1) The transmission entity is approved by the federal energy regulatory commission.

(2) The transmission entity effects separate control of transmission facilities from control of generation facilities.

(3) The transmission entity implements, to the extent reasonably possible, policies and procedures designed to minimize pancaked transmission rates within this state.

(4) The transmission entity improves service reliability within this state.

(5) The transmission entity achieves the objectives of an open and competitive electric generation marketplace, elimination of barriers to market entry, and preclusion of control of bottleneck electric transmission facilities in the provision of retail electric service.

(6) The transmission entity is of sufficient scope or otherwise operates to substantially increase economical supply options for consumers.

(7) The governance structure or control of the transmission entity is independent of the users of the transmission facilities, and no member of its board of directors has an affiliation, with such a user or with an affiliate of a user during the member's tenure on the board, such as to unduly affect the transmission entity's performance. For the purpose of division (B)(7) of this section, a "user" is any entity or affiliate of that entity that buys or sells electric energy in the transmission entity's region or in a neighboring region.

(8) The transmission entity operates under policies that promote positive performance designed to satisfy the electricity requirements of customers.

(9) The transmission entity is capable of maintaining real-time reliability of the electric transmission system, ensuring comparable and nondiscriminatory transmission access and necessary services, minimizing system congestion, and further addressing real or potential transmission constraints.

(C) To the extent that a transmission entity under division (A) of this section is authorized to build transmission facilities, that transmission entity has the powers provided in and is subject to sections 1723.01 to 1723.08 of the Revised Code.

(D) For the purpose of forming or participating in a regional regulatory oversight body or mechanism developed for any transmission entity under division (A) of this section that is of regional scope and operates within this state:

(1) The commission shall make joint investigations, hold joint hearings, within or outside this state, and issue joint or concurrent orders in conjunction or concurrence with any official or agency of any state or of the United States, whether in the holding of those investigations or hearings, or in the making of those orders, the commission is functioning under agreements or compacts between states, under the concurrent power of states to regulate interstate commerce, as an agency of the United States, or otherwise.

(2) The commission shall negotiate and enter into agreements or compacts with agencies of other states for cooperative regulatory efforts and for the enforcement of the respective state laws regarding the transmission entity.

(E) If a qualifying transmission entity is not operational as contemplated in division (A) of this section, division (A)(13) of section 4928.34 of the Revised Code, or division (G) of section 4928.35 of the Revised Code, the commission by rule or order shall take such measures or impose such requirements on all for-profit entities that own or control electric transmission facilities located in this state as the commission determines necessary and proper to achieve independent, nondiscriminatory operation of, and separate ownership and control of, such electric transmission facilities on or after the starting date of competitive retail electric service.

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